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5 Ways I Surrender to Spirit

Being spiritual doesn't mean I howl at the moon, or that I dance in circles around a fire-pit in the nude, although given Covid, getting out to dance does sound fun right about now.

I do however believe that there is something greater, bigger and stronger in this universe than what we can see p h y s i c a l l y.

When life gets really hard, we tend to reach for help, and sometimes once we've exhausted our physical resources, we call to something "out there" to give a helping hand. 

For some this may be GOD or GUARDIAN ANGELS. For others it may be MOTHER NATURE, and for others it's through their SPIRITUALITY that they find answers and peace.

Let's stop and consider one thing: man wrote the Bible, the Torah and Quran, but what was there before we could even speak or write? Where did we really come from? And if we're born to live, why must we die? It's a strange but magical cycle that continues and we're all on this journey together. Whether we like it or not, no one is exempt.

Seeds are planted, they sprout and through the seasons mature, then when it's "their time" they fall apart and wither. Those bits of matter or ashes fall back into the soil and their energy awakens again, to live anew. Humans are no different.

I believe in positive energy and karma and doing good, not just because it's "the right thing to do" but because it's how I choose to live my life. No one's perfect and I've grown a lot in these last few years, especially these last few months. Who I was in my twenties is definitely not who I want to continue to be. Why? Because I want to GROW!

I'm changing for the better. I'm healing old wounds. I'm shedding old layers of who I thought I "should be" and embracing who I've always really been. That for me feels authentic and real... and, it's through the hard work I do on myself through my spiritual practices that I evolve.

Here are 5 Ways I surrender to Spirit

1) Yoga

It may just seen like "fancy stretching" or a "basic workout", but many have become addicted to the practice because of how good it makes you feel! Connecting your body to your breath through movement is a way to release all those yucky thoughts that pop up throughout the day.

2) Meditation

I practice and teach Transcendental Meditation "TM" everyday which brings a stressed, busy and anxious mind to supreme relaxation. Through TM, you reach a limitless state of clarity and wellbeing. 600 + scientific studies confirm this. I've practiced for over 8 years and it's truly changed my life.

3) Prayer

I was raised Catholic and although most prayers can feel ancient or foreign and don't reflect our current lives, I consider prayer helpful in surrendering. When I do simple prayers throughout the day, I ask my spirit guide and angels or God to send help or clarity. I may not receive the answer in physical form, but I always receive peace knowing that it's in the universe's hands. It tends to unload the heavy weight I carry.

4) Lighting (Candles, Sage, Palo Santo, Incense)

I love candles and find them soothing. When you light a candle, especially white candles, you illuminate the state you're in. Since I was 12 years old, I would set an intention as I lit a candle and say, "bless this day" or whatever it was that I felt needed a little extra TLC. When it was time to blow out the candle, it would be my way of sensing "it is done". Whatever it was I was wanting or praying for, was "accomplished". Consider why you blow birthday candles. You're ending one year of life and starting another. Sage, Palo Santo and Incense are also beautiful ways to cleanse and purify your space for greater wellbeing. I like to envision that the smoke carries our prayers up into the universe and heaven to send messages to those that have passed on before us.

5) Nature

If you know me, you know I love everything in nature. When I garden, I'm not just "playing with dirt". I'm creating more life. When I give my love and attention to seeds and water them, they return their love in the form of flowers I can smell and herbs I can use to eat or cook with. Nature is a beautiful cycle. When I'm having a hard day, I surrender to nature by walking barefoot on my backyard grass and as I pluck weeds, I imagine I'm removing all the toxic negativity out of my life so that I can continue blooming.

In what ways do you surrender to spirit? Share in the comments below and if this helped you, share with a loved one who could use a little surrendering right about now. xo.

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Coley Theresa
Coley Theresa

I surrender to the spirit by spending time with God in prayer. Sometimes things feel like they are too much to handle, but they are never too much for God. Glad I’m finally catching up on your blog posts!

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