"I thank you,Violet for allowing myself to bring light, passion and creativity back into my spirit." - Hunter Rae

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About Violet

Violet is the creator of Venture Love, a wellness company focused on helping passion-driven women find clarity, have fun and heal through Life, Health, Wellness Coaching, Workshops and Retreats.


She is based in San Francisco, CA and lives in a jewel-box styled home with her Southern Italian husband and ball of fluff, Charlie, a Yorkshire Terrier. She loves tending to her herb garden, reading health, spiritual, self-love and business books written by women, for women. She is currently a Board Committee Member of the Global Fund For Women.


When she's not writing or cooking up a healthy meal, she loves coaching groups of women and leading Wellness and Empowerment Workshops.​​​​ To date, Violet has helped over 200 women transform their lives. 


Read blog post "More Fun Facts About Me" to learn more.

Formal Education

* BA, Women & Gender Studies & Psychology, DUC

* MA, Organization and Leadership, USF 

* Ph.Dc, Metaphysical Counseling, UMS

* Science of Wellbeing, Yale University

Certified Training 

 * Bio-individual Holistic Health Coach 

 * Professional Life Coach   

 * Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor  

 * Neuro-Linguistic Programming  

 * Transcendental Meditation   

 * Emotional Freedom Technique

 * Reiki Energy Practitioner