Hi, I'm Violet


Ever since I was a little girl, I've always been curious about the world and a strong believer of the "beyond" whatever that place may be. When my parents and teachers couldn't answer my grand questions of: "why are we here?" or better yet, "Why are some successful and happy and others not?" I'd pick up every book I could get my hands on and read them in search of answers.


I've been reading since the age of three and throughout my life I can say that the answers to life's big questions aren't always so "simple". The answers we desperately seek are often easy for others to figure out, but time-consuming and brutal for us to truly 'get', until we're willing to accept what we "knew deep down all along."


If you're willing to challenge yourself and everything you've been raised to know, explore the world and genuinely

V E N T U R E   L O V E,  you learn what works well for you, and more importantly, what doesn't. When you follow that voice of intuition, it steers you on the right path towards living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Creating Venture Love is my step in the right direction towards doing just that, so thank you for investing your time to learn more.

What do you do?
All women wanna look good. Sound vain? Sure. But at the core, it's only partly true. I hear it all the time: 

"I wish I was pretty like her" ... "I'd love to be thinner" ... "I want to have more energy" ... "Why do all my relationships fail?" or even,  "If only I wasn't scared to do what I really wanted, I could..."

To get to your desired outcome, I first teach you how to "feel really good." which is what we also deeply crave. 


Why is that important?


All physical benefits such as "looking beautiful" and "having more energy" start by healing  w i t h i n, from the inside-out. To get what you really want, I first show you how to: build confidence, eat healthy foods that actually taste good, move your body in ways that are fun, and prioritize self-care and wellness. I teach you not just WHY, but more importantly HOW to do all of these things without jeopardizing your sanity, tastebuds or breaking the bank. Women are natural-born givers. You give so much to others but, please know that YOU deserve to receive too! When we work together, I meet you where you are today, judgement-free and guide you exactly to where you wanna be. Curious and wanna learn more? 

Current Life

I'm a recent home-owner and I've tied the knot to the love of my life. When I'm not working, you'll find me: cooking, baking, gardening, making pretty candles and soaps, exploring nature, reading and writing. You'll also find me chasing my little love, a 13 year old Yorkie, named Charlie. I love learning about health and wellness and hope to share as much as I can in my blog posts and videos with you. When I am passionately working, you'll find me leading wellness workshops, teaching Transcendental Meditation "TM" sessions, creating beautiful Aura Art and coaching clients. 


I don't enjoy planes, but I LOVE exploring the world. I've traveled to: Aruba, Austria, Bonaire, Canada, China, Germany, Dominican Republic, France, Grand Turks & Caicos, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain and Thailand; 5 of those countries completely alone! You learn so much about trusting and believing in yourself when you do things independently, especially as a woman, especially in a foreign country.


Work History 


I've been in the corporate world for most of my life. Starting at the age of 15, I've worked in numerous industries including: litigation law, higher-education, bio-technology, film, photography and entertainment, food and beverage, commercial real estate, software, non-profit, branding, ultra high net-worth estate management, venture capital and a private, autonomous robotics company. In each of these industries, I have helped guide CEO's to be as productive, healthy and successful as possible, by living a balanced life they love, and now I wish to share those tools with you too.

Certified Training 


  * Bio-individual Holistic Health Coach   * Personal and Professional Life Coach   * Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor 

 * Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner   * Reiki Practitioner   * Floral Designer 

Formal Education

  * Bachelors Degree, Psychology and Women & Gender Studies, Dominican University

  * Masters Degree, Organization and Leadership, The University of San Francisco
  * Ph.Dc, Metaphysical Counseling, The University of Metaphysical Sciences

Read my blog post "More Fun Facts About Me" to learn more.


Nothing ventured... nothing gained,

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