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"I thank you,Violet for allowing myself to bring light, passion and creativity back into my spirit." - Hunter Rae

At heart I'm caring, nurturing and supportive. Not only do I want you to birth your baby safely, lovingly, your way, but I want to support, encourage and empower you have all the tools you'll ever need, to be the very best mama to your sweet baby. 


I am a Certified Birth Educator and Full Spectrum Doula. I'm also a Life, Health, Meditation and Wellness Coach and a Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor.


By working with me, you'll receive a world of pre and post natal wellness advice and support. I know what it's like to want more support during pregnancy aside from the monthly OBGYN visits and you deserve all the care possible during this journey. 



Lastly, I'm also a wife and mama. Nothing beats having been through 9 months of pregnancy, labor, delivery and birth! Feel free to reach out to ask questions. I'd love to connect with you.

Formal Education

* BA, Women & Gender Studies & Psychology, DUC

* MA, Organization and Leadership, USF 

* Ph.Dc, Metaphysical Counseling, UMS

* Science of Wellbeing, Yale University

* Cornerstone Doula Training

Certified Training 

 * Pregnancy & Childbirth Education

 * Birth, Home-birth & Postpartum Doula

 * Breastfeeding Lactation Support

 * Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor  

 * Bio-individual Life & Health Coach 

 * Neuro-Linguistic Programming  

 * Emotion Support: Transcendental         
    Meditation, Reiki, 
EFT & more 


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About Violet

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