"I thank you,Violet for allowing myself to bring light, passion and creativity back into my spirit." - Hunter Rae

Violet is the creator of Venture Love, a wellness company focused on helping women find clarity, have fun and heal through Life, Health, Wellness Coaching, Workshops and Retreats. Violet is also a birth educator, birth and postpartum doula helping mamas on their epic journey from pregnancy to motherhood because every new mom deserves all the love, guidance and support.


She is based in SF, CA and lives with her Southern Italian husband, baby and Yorkie. She loves spending time in nature, reading health, spiritual, self-love and business books written by women, for women.


She is currently a Board Committee Member of the Global Fund For Women and spends her free time learning how to advocate for children globally.


When she's not writing or making a healthy meal, she loves coaching groups of women and leading Wellness and Empowerment Workshops.​​​​ To date, Violet has helped over 200+ women transform their lives. Read blog: "More Fun Facts About Me" to learn more.

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About Violet

Formal Education

* BA, Women & Gender Studies & Psychology, DUC

* MA, Organization and Leadership, USF 

* Ph.Dc, Metaphysical Counseling, UMS

* Science of Wellbeing, Yale University

* Cornerstone Doula Training

Certified Training 

 * Bio-individual Holistic Health Coach 

 * Professional Life Coach   

 * Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor  

 * Neuro-Linguistic Programming  

 * Transcendental Meditation   

 * Emotional Freedom Technique

 * Reiki Energy Practitioner   

 * Birth Education/Birth Doula

 * Postpartum Doula

 * Home Birthing