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Brooke Scharli
Security Site Supervisor CPL

US Marine Corps (VET)

MA, Int'l Relations & Global Security

Violet is a combination of a humble and loving individual. Years ago, I shipped out to Marine Corps training, the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. I received a letter during my 3 months of brutal training from Violet, giving me strength, hope, and motivation to finish.  This letter meant the world to me, 5 years later, I still have it. Violet gave me a new definition of friendship, and for this, I will forever be grateful. Because of Violet's humility and care, she's one of the few people I can be vulnerable with and talk to. If the world had a bit of Violet's heart, we would all be in a better place: mentally, physically, and emotionally.  If it weren't for Violet, I would have no idea what self-care entitles. Thank you, Violet.


Nicole Stiving

Licensed Clinical Social Worker  #81433

Violet always pushes herself to go above and beyond. It's contagious. By being around her you'll push yourself as well.  Violet has  been a consistent accountability partner, focused on positivity and gratitude. Her frame of mind is, “Well what if it did work out?” Rather than, “What if I fail?” She sees life as an adventure and opportunity that you wouldn’t dare miss out on due to doubt. She always has a book to recommend that'll inspire and lift your spirits when your cup is feeling empty. She encourages others to change their negative talk and reframe thoughts that don't promote self-growth. As the famous quote goes, “We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.” It's been my honor and privilege to spend time with her to allow for constant personal and professional growth. 


Noelle B. Rosales

Nurse, Wife and Mama of Twins


I recently booked a session with Violet to learn Transcendental Meditation. It was such a positive experience for me! She planned everything so the only thing I had to do was turn on my computer and show up. I also liked that she practiced TM with me during the session to make sure I was doing my breathing exercises correctly. I have been able to incorporate TM into my daily life, and while some mornings I snooze until the very last minute, I have been able to do it every night. I've noticed that I've been able to fall asleep pretty quickly, and have a restful sleep at that. It's so great that she has other wellness packages available, there is truly something for everyone to try.

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Cindy T. Pham

Senior Manager, Accounting Operations


"Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of being"  - Goethe.  This quote is  a quintessential reflection of Violet when you meet her. Calm and confident, what I love most is her dedication to making an impact and instilling optimism and positivity.  She listens without judgment. She gives advice that helps me see my fullest potential and points out what I need to hear so I can better myself. It's rare in this digital world to find someone that deeply cares. Violet is a natural at helping everyone bring out their best version. She's extremely kind and passionate about helping people live a

 happy life. I appreciate her expertise in helping me heal my heartache and am truly blessed to have her in my life. She should be on everyone's  “favorites” list. If you're lucky to meet her, she'll change your life too.

Client Love Letters


Marisa Cleveland

Project Manager

Violet has supported me through work challenges, career changes and family hardships. She's no stranger to upheaval and struggles, which makes her a great life coach because she understands the journey. She has focused on wellness and self-improvement in her own life and shares that great impact with others. Her positive approach means that she always has encouraging words and an energizing smile ready to help uplift others. She isn't afraid of messes which makes her someone who you can speak to freely, confident that she will not judge you, but hold space to help you move forward when you are ready. I’m thrilled that she's created Venture Love which allows Violet to share her passion for individuals, health, and wellbeing with others! I highly encourage you to book an intro call and see where that great first step leads you.


Alicia Mason

Bay Area Actress and Voice Over Artist

I have known Violet for 0ver 10 years and can honestly say that she is one of the hardest working and most sincere women I’ve ever met. She cares deeply about the projects she invests her time on and will go above and beyond to make sure things are completed well.  She is passionate about her work, and is always trying to learn more to help others, as well as elevate herself to be the  best version she can possibly be. It is so inspiring to watch and see how she ultimately pushes everyone around her to strive for just as much as she is striving for. She’s an advocate for women and helps women grow together and individually to be positive role models for the world around them.

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Angela Shockness

Photographer, Angela Jazmin Studio

It was a blessing to have had the opportunity to work with Violet. She is someone who is not only passionate about living a healthy and happy lifestyle, but also about teaching our community how they can also enrich our lives too. From nutrition, mental health, fitness, relationships, and self care— Violet is a TRUE inspiration and motivator in life. It’s not everyday that you find someone who really supports your dreams and shares tips on how you can successfully attain goals in your current life. I’m a super fan of her recipes, gardening, harvesting, and DIY projects. She reminds me of the things I need to focus on to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Tiffany McAllister

Scientist, Clinical Research

Violet radiates positivity and determination all with an easy-going, free-spirited charm. Two things always remain true about Violet, 1) her positive approach and 2) her contagious smile and laughter! She is truly amazing, invests in relationships and makes sure you always feel included and valued. An incredible listener, she is continuously present, patient and honest. She inspires me just by being unapologetically Violet! From her fresh cooking and gardening to her self-care and fitness tips, she is a breath of fresh air and full of creativity. A true advocate for nourishing the mind, body and soul, she encourages others to put themselves first and find the most important thing of all, self-love. She will encourage you to become your best version, a lasting impression she's left on me!

Ana Tejada.jpeg

Ana Tejada

           Elementary School Teacher 

Violet is such an inspirational person. She is calm and her voice is soothing and helps you stay relaxed during the entire session. I recently had the opportunity to book a Transcendental Meditation session with Violet. At first I was a bit skeptical about it but I am totally all for it now! I felt so relaxed the entire time, to the point where I was ready to fall asleep!  Thank You Violet for being so kind and helpful. If you can invest a little time towards improving your wellbeing I would definitely recommend a session with Violet.  You won’t regret it!

Hitika Sippy .png

Hitika Sippy​

Facebook Events 

I just finished a 3 month wellness coaching package with Violet. We worked through a variety of aspects of my life, like: nutrition, lifestyle and overall mental wellness. I'd never tried anything like this before and I was very apprehensive going into it. Violet made me feel comfortable about the process from day 1 and helped me lean into it. Violet definitely understood where I was and where I wanted to be and feel, mentally and physically. Before coaching I was seeking someone with a nutritional background to help me figure out why I was having the symptoms I was having. During our three months together, I've felt guided, supported and heard. She was very thoughtful and always tailored her recommendations based on what I was needing most at the time. Not only has she helped me with what I originally needed help with, but she's also highlighted other areas that I didn't realize I needed to work on as well. Violet is very thoughtful and supportive. If you're considering hiring a coach to guide, support and meet you where you are, please don't think twice. Thank you for keeping it real with me Violet! 


Shirley Lei

Stylist & Personal Shopper

I've known Violet for nearly 18 years and from day one she's been a source of support and empowerment. She's guided me through many changes in my life and saw my potential before I recognized it in myself. Most people I know are generally encouraging, but Violet takes it a step further by providing actionable steps to really reach your goals. Violet used to arrange Women's Wellness Gatherings in coffee shops across the SF Bay Area. She'd cover interesting and relevant topics and coach us on how to improve certain areas of our life. All the participants came from different backgrounds with different goals, yet she found a way to connect to each of us and help us move forward in ways that were approachable, helpful, and thought-provoking. She didn't take a one-size-fits-all approach and instead met us where we were individually.  I still think about those wellness sessions, 10 years later. I wouldn't be where I am today if not for her support.


Natalie Amloian

Mama to beautiful Aviana

Meeting Violet on an overseas trip to Europe was a blessing in disguise. Eight years later, I am pleased to say that she has been one of the most supportive, non-judgemental, positive, and loving people in my life. Violet has always been 'that person' that I have reached out to when it seemed like my world was falling apart. I recently booked a TM session with her and it was such a wonderful experience. Talking to Violet is just such a breath of fresh air. She has helped me through some really rough times (both pre and post baby), and for that, I will forever be grateful for having a true mentor and friend like her.


                   Elaine Gutierrez
                  Special Educator

Throughout the years I have suffered with a “running mind.” Right before my TM session I was experiencing anxiety and a lingering migraine. Violet's voice was so soothing. She was able to pull me into TM immediately, calming the depths of my mind. I even lost my migraine! During TM, I reached a level of relaxation that I've never felt before in any of my Yoga Nidra classes. I entered a state of real mental awareness and was able to begin on a path of healing. I left the session as a different person. Violet taught me how to stay calm and find peace when life’s chaos comes into play. Most importantly, I learned how to nurture my mind and clean out my toxic way of thinking. I'm incredibly grateful and will most definitely continue with my new TM practice. Thank you, Violet!


Ivone Palencia 


Gentle yet bold, empathetic but realistic. Violet is an inspiring blend of professionalism and romance. Since meeting  her, I have learned so much. She's helped me grow both professionally and personally. She's an amazing listener who always goes above and beyond with everything, adding her personal touch. She always makes you feel welcomed. Overall, I’ve witnessed how personable and confident Violet is. She's an amazing daughter, sister, friend and beautiful wife who deeply cares about the physical, mental and spiritual health about the people she loves. Violet reminds me to go, passionately, for what I want and get it, because it's what she's done all her life.


Gabby Salerno
Operations Manager
Licensed Pilot & Adventure Seeker


Violet is driven, resilient, empathetic, knowledgeable, and tuned into the world of wellness. She embodies the grace and grit of a strong woman. I came to her looking for ways to enhance my life at a time when things felt a little off kilter. I recently had a great Transcendental Meditation session with her and I am looking forward to continuing on this wellness journey. I recommend anyone who seeks guidance to reach out and to connect with her.


Natalie Harris

Event Planner

Violet's been an inspiration and role model to me for over 5 years. I've learned so much from her including Transcendental Meditation. As an event planner, you can bet that I’m stressed and pro-party players don’t have the best health. 1:1 instruction with Violet made meditation more specific to me and gave me the motivation to apply a new practice. After my session with Violet, I immediately felt more relaxed than I have in a long time. Violet made meditation more approachable by teaching me how to make the practice special to me and naturally applicable to my day. I'm still practicing TM using the techniques Violet taught me and in only a few days, this is easily more than I have ever done. Through working with Violet in many experiences, I can testify to the magnitude of her skillset.  Namaste!

picture (1).png

Victoria Rivera

Healthcare Professional 


I contacted Violet because I was seeking help with my PTSD. I was extremely impressed with her coaching skills, support and calm demeanor. Violet shares pieces of her personal life, which resonates with so many women from diverse backgrounds. This made trust that her positivity and kind-hearted spirit really does come from a place of understanding and non-judgement. My journey to wellness and healing hasn't been a direct path, but Violet guided me to understand that this is okay. Some people are meant to cross our path for a reason and I'm happy ours crossed when they did! I'm learning how to incorporate TM more consistently into my day because I'm grateful for the benefits meditation has brought into my life so far. Even though I'm new to the practice, I can already feel a difference and others have noticed as well! The investment in a TM session with Violet was so worth it. I decided to book a coaching package too! I look forward to our coaching calls over the next few months! 

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 11.38.38 PM.png

Helen Vasquez

Licensed Architect 

After completing and enjoying Violet's Venture Love, Wellness challenge, #30daystoventurelove and her Forgiveness to Freedom Workshop, I was definitely curious about all the other services that she provides. I learned early on that Violet knows how to create such beautiful and safe spaces that allow us to share our unique stories with each other, which is something that is so hard to do at times. Without any judgement, Violet invites us to dig deeper, to truly find our authentic selves, and for that, I will always be grateful. I scheduled a TM session with Violet to learn more about Meditation and the power of a mantra, and the session was both educational and very eye-opening! I now understand how meditation can really set the tone for my day. I was definitely at ease, in peace, and no longer feeling any anxiety. Thank you, Violet! I will always cherish what I've learned so far!


Aixa Santos

Mom, Wife, Worrier and HR Manager

In this uncertain time, self-care is so important and many of us don't even realize we need help. I came into the Transcendental Mediation session not knowing how it would help me but knowing I needed something to help me with the anxiety I was feeling this week over my COVID filled work and personal struggles. I came out of TM with the mind set that I can move on from my stressful week and even felt my chest lighter from the experience. Practicing it with her gave me the breakthrough that I needed to finally feel relaxed. I'm glad I now have this tool to help me when it gets hard again because I know it will but I'll get through it better next time. Thank you Violet for helping me finish my week mentally strong! 


                     Stephy Cruz
      Hiring Manager & Career Coach

I'm so grateful to have met Violet at a Women's conference in Miami. She’s my go-to-woman whenever I need advice. She radiates positivity and is always giving me incredible tips for self-care. She has a way of providing me with a great perspective to improve communication in order to succeed in all areas of my life,  whether it’s at about work, friendship, or love. She’s taught me so much about the importance of positive, clear, and direct communication. She's amazing and embodies all things a confident woman should be and I’m so happy to have had her guidance in my life.


Dr. Jocelynn Vida

​Cosmetic and General Dentist


I loved when we closed our eyes and Violet read; it was really powerful. She's a great guide and leader. The workshop definitely helped me feel lighter and it was nice to make time to connect with myself. Violet, thank you for making and holding sacred space. - Venture Love, Forgiveness to Freedom Workshop, September 2020.

Daniela Vinolas .jpg

Daniela Vinolas

Medium & Animal Rights Activist 


Violet, what an amazing workshop! I came into it thinking I'd forgive myself, but I ended up forgiving others I thought I had already forgiven. You created such a safe space for us to share our deeply personal stories. It was an honor to learn from you. Thank you! - Venture Love, Forgiveness to Freedom Workshop, September 2020. 

Screen Shot 2020-08-19 at 10.36.09 PM.png

Evelyn Rodriguez

Nature Lover


I decided to book a TM session with Violet after coming across her "30 Days to Venture Love" Challenge on Instagram. I had been wanting to get back into meditating daily and Violet's TM training session was just want I needed to get me going in the right direction. She planned everything out and was very supportive. I particularly enjoyed the way she explained how the different areas of the brain are activated during TM and how important it is for our frontal lobe (the area that helps you make good decisions lol). I thoroughly enjoyed my TM session and have practiced daily since. Looking forward to another session soon! PS: the gifts that Violet sent me were so lovely and thoughtful. Thank you! 


Lilliana Thadeo

I absolutely loved the safe space Violet created. It helped me to release, reflect and restructure. The supportive group of women were incredible. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable and were each others biggest cheerleaders when we needed it the most. I will definitely stay in touch with these women who embarked on this journey with me. Thank you so much for this experience, Violet!


Clare Dowling

Program Manager

 I've long admired Violet for her professional nature, keen and intuitive spirit.  My TM and Life Coaching sessions have opened me up to the peaceful and calming force that is transcendental meditation and the positive effects it has on your mental and physical health. I left our sessions feeling relaxed, rested and like I've got the tools to continue on my journey. Violet is nurturing, warm, knows how to listen, asks the right questions and gently nudged me out of my comfort zone towards accomplishing my goals! I felt challenged to move beyond my current thinking which is exactly what I needed.  Violet is made for this work! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-16 at 12.55.07 PM.png

Bailee Christmas

Community Enthusiast

Violet's kind and soothing voice invited me to surrender into the power of TM.  I felt comforted by the opportunity to set the "vibe" beforehand. As someone that practices spiritual and healing work, this was MAJOR. Not often do practitioners share the wisdom, history, and applicability of the practice. We began and I TRAVELED. I fell into a deep state where all senses were engaged. I heard music, saw colors, and people dancing, I could feel the energy throughout my body shift. I allowed my thoughts to come and go.  I entered a state of healing inspiration that I feel called to incorporate into my work.  I am TRULY grateful to Violet for providing such an accessible channel to experience TM.


Georgina Rivera

M&F Therapist & Dog Walker 

I had just received my Masters in MFT, but found myself wanting a different career.  I had also recently gotten a puppy and knew I'd love to take on dog-walking, but I knew this would be criticized by family. You know when you want really something, but fear telling others because the last thing you want to hear are doubts? I have few people I can turn to for support, but Violet is one of them. She expressed such joy and was proud of me for exploring something I'd enjoy doing. With inspirational words, she gave me the confidence to do what was right for me in that moment. Violet has always been a light I can turn to. She is one of my biggest cheerleaders. It’s hard to find the ones who love to see you grow and encourage you to do what your heart tells you. Violet will always be the one I turn to  for recipes, inspiration, or just a friend to listen. I love u, V. You're truly one of a kind.


Justine Cohen 
Career Coach


Violet was wonderful at leading me through my first TM experience. I've meditated for years and have been curious about TM. During our session, I was able to access another level of meditative consciousness that was not available to me through other forms. I was able to go deeper, feel more hypnotic, while also staying very present. I was worried that I would get sick of the mantra, but found it very easy to stick with it for 20 minutes. Violet has a really calming, grounding, and professional presence, which put me at ease an allowed me to feel held and safe. I would definitely recommend Violet if you are interested in learning TM. Since our session, I've been able to practice TM on my own in the morning, before bed and even during acupuncture. I'm very grateful for this new tool and to Violet for teaching me. TM is now an important part of my daily practices and helps me feel grounded, supported, and calm even during moments of stress and overwhelm. I know that this is something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. 


Jennifer Garcia

I enjoyed every session and loved the workouts. Most importantly, I've learned to say yes to myself more. I'm grateful I was able to experience Violet's wellness coaching with every woman in the group. I'm also so grateful I was able to be vulnerable. Thank you, Violet!


Raechelle Rosal 

Manifestation Coach

Violet's coaching program helped me to focus on my health again. I've been so much more mindful of the foods I eat and the stomach pains I've suffered with aren't happening anymore!!! I'm so happy. :) I'm also so thankful that she taught us about all the toxic ingredients that can really affect our health and mood. It shocks me that we aren't taught this at a young age! I'm so grateful for all the useful knowledge I've learned!

Iris (1).png

Karissa Del Rosario

I loved Violet's community, the accountability, and all the amazing health and wellness information she shared. From breath-work, meditation, journaling, to what we should look out for on food labels and even how to improve our digestion! I'm extra grateful for Violet who has also taught me how to handle my anxiety better. I loved everything and only wish it was longer!! I'm joining her next coaching program because I wanna dive deeper into spirituality and achieve my goals. I know with Violet's help, it will happen!


Arianie Lara

Since before moving to the US, Violet has been such a source of support and inspiration for me. Anytime I get the chance to speak with her, I find that she always has the perfect words to get me out of my funk and back on track. She's taught me that pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I also feel so blessed to have been surrounded by a group of caring women who appreciated me for who I am and were there for me when I needed a listening ear. I've learned so much from Violet and I plan on staying close so I keep absorbing all the greatness she has to share with the world.


Adriana Arredondo

Holistic Health Expert

With Violet's guidance I was able to release emotions that no longer serve me, thus making room for peace, clarity and contentment. Violet’s simple and effective method of Transcendental Meditation helped to strengthen my meditation practice. Her soothing voice and breath technique took me into a deep state of relaxation and clarity. With Violet’s guidance I was able to release emotions that no longer serve me thus making room for peace, clarity and contentment. If you’re looking to quiet your thoughts and ease stress or simply wanting to take your self care to the next level, I highly recommend a Transcendental Meditation session with Violet. ✨





Brisette Baugh

Tarot Reader

Violet’s Aura Reading really resonated with me for many reasons. I do see myself in the future wanting to guide and free others and I definitely agree with the colors since I focus a lot on the root and crown chakra. It was insightful and gave me clarity. I was extremely happy to receive it!


Iris Garcia
Intentional Life Coach

Violet, First off....... I AM SPEECHLESS! This is absolutely beautiful! The colors, the beauty of the art work, and the descriptions fits me perfectly. My favorite color is blue and what a coincidence that it is my aura! When I do practice some meditation, blue, gold, and green are the colors I see the most! I definitely like to speak my truth but sometimes I do feel that I need to limit it because well sometimes the truth isn’t pretty 😅.This reading brought me so much reassurance and it brought me clarity. Thank you so much for making this piece for me. I feel the energy & the love put into it. I will do my part to follow my practice & remind myself of the message you wrote, especially on not so easy days. Thank you for reassuring me on the amazing, resilient woman I am & continue to become.





Channa Bromley, Love Coach.jpg

Channa Bromley

Relationship Coach

Thank you Violet for my enchanting Aura Art reading! I adore it! It's the perfect clarification for the transition I'm currently embarking on and has instilled in me so much confidence! I'm divinely supported and very much in alignment!


Marianella Aguirre


I really appreciated that Violet incorporated such fun fitness classes into her program. I tried belly dancing and Pilates for the first time ever! :) I'm also super grateful for having a safe space to talk about health topics that are important to women. During Violet's group coaching experience I was affirmed in my belief that women absolutely need other women as a support system. <3



Iris (2).png

Krystal Martinez

Before my Reiki & Sound Bath Session, I was feeling a lot of back and neck pain. It was so great to do the breath work exercise with Violet because it forced me to be more aware of my breathing, which helped my mind become 100% clear. I was so relaxed I even drifted off a few times. I now feel really good and I'm so calm. Thank you so much, Violet!

Iris (3).png

Ashley Oropeza

“When I reached out to Violet, I was suffering with a panic attack, was super anxious and felt way too blocked. After my Reiki & Sound Bath Session, I feel so much lighter and happier. I really loved her guided meditation and breath-work because she showed me how I could reconnect with myself. I loved it so much I 'll be coming back for monthly sessions. Thank you for making me feel so much better, Violet!

Iris (4).png

Iris Garcia 

Intentional Life Coach


I'm so grateful for the community of women that were in this group and for Violet's guidance. She is such a compassionate person. I really enjoyed learning about so many different things including the health benefits of mushrooms, understanding our microbiome, learning about feminine sexuality and about bio-individuality, understanding the uterus, and even how to apply superfoods to our diets. Her guided meditations were also super helpful. I won't ever forget this experience because her lessons have allowed me to feel soooo free!!

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