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How They Treat You Is How They Feel About: Themselves

That's a pretty shitty way to think about life isn't it?

But well, it's kinda, pretty much true.

Ever been mad about something and you took it out on the poor soul in front of you by honking, tailgating, rushing or being rude? I admit I've been there.

I'm not proud but at least I'm honest.

The sad thing is that when people continuously treat you poorly, time and time again, it's not just that they're having a "bad day" or are "hangry" or whatever silly excuse they're saying to you. It's that they're chronically used to being in such a low vibe aka vibration for far too long and they haven't gotten to the root cause so they can fully heal it.

Here's an example:

Let's say Mary is overweight. Mary means well and buys healthy food from time to time, but let's her spinach bags wilt in the fridge and resorts to ordering greasy takeout every other day.

Mary also bought a pilates subscription at-home workout program, ya know - covid life, yet instead of doing the workouts, she sits on the couch in her lulu-lemons watching them work out while she keeps her camera off.

One day Mary gets invited to a party. She pulls out all her dresses and is frustrated that none of them fit well. As she rushes out the door in her ultra tight dress, she feels embarrassed and ashamed which turns into annoyance, frustration and pure anger. Mary reaches the party and tries to slap on a happy face but her energy shows.. she's faking it.

As an old friend walks in, she immediately tenses up. Her old friend is happy, glowing, has gotten healthier and is now working in a job she loves. So, what does Mary do? She spreads nasty rumors, rolls her eyes and makes her old friend look like the bad guy. Why? Because Mary is severely insecure and in pain. Mary uses these awful tactics to bring herself up meanwhile she tears her old friend down.

Is Mary is terrible person?

Well, no. She's just a deeply hurting person who is focusing on all the wrong things. Wanna know the crummiest part about this? Mary will end up feeling worse, because deep down she knows this isn't right. It's wrong, mean, insensitive and will never get her what she wants in the end.

So what can she do?

Start looking in the mirror. That's right. Focusing on watering her own grass instead of poisoning everyone else's is a real good start. Also, asking her lovely friend for some advise wouldn't hurt either, I mean she's obviously doing something right to be in a much happier, higher vibe situation than poor old Mary.

So, the next time someone makes you feel less than worthy, remember that those people are hurting deep inside. Maybe they're insecure. Maybe they're jealous they aren't where they wish they could be and maybe they envy that you are happy in your life. Instead of being angry or hurtful back, either bring it up nicely to them or simply give them space.

Most people will realize sooner or later if you're declining to hang out with them and hopefully they will change their mindset and behaviors, focus on healing themselves and less on polluting the lives of others.

So Mary may be fictional in this story.. or not. In what ways have you behaved like Mary? And more importantly, in what ways can you improve today, right now, in this very moment? Maybe it's as simple as calling a successful friend and asking for a little help? Maybe it's ditching the soda and grabbing some lemon water? Maybe it's deleting that nasty text or story and instead picking up a personal development book or listening to an inspiring podcast? Whatever it is for you, don't think twice and go do that good thing now. You can thank me for it later!

PS: Want to listen to this live instead? Here's the podcast link:


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