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2023 Reflections 💫

Another year has flown by! Tomorrow is my birthday (12/30) and as usual I'm excited to embark on a brand new year. "It's just another day!" you may say, but not for me!

Sure, it's easy to start this reflection with.. well, I didn't do "all the things" I wanted to do. But the last few weeks I've been getting in the mindset of "Hold up, wait a minute... I did more than enough". And, the truth is, I really did!!!

Another truth and reminder is that my self worth has never been and never will be determined by all the things I do or don't do. I think if I unravel the layers, it's something I've noticed within myself and interestingly enough, in many of the woman I've coached and worked with. So I challenge you to notice if that thought also popped up.

As women, I've learned that we mostly all have the desire or innate urge to do so much, help so much, create so much and well, sometimes being happy with what we've done and being excited about what's to come is plenty and more than enough! It is!!

Here are my reflections from this year (2023). I hope they will help you, like they've helped to remind me:

  • Being present is a blessing. Technology is essential, I get it. But having my phone die from time to time has been pure joy lol. Holding my baby boy, giving him eye contact, reading to him and providing him with all my love has been everything to me.

  • Appreciating the little things, are truly always the big things.

  • Saying goodbye is never easy. Letting go of my 16.5 year old Yorkie Charlie was brutal. But, I knew from day one it was a reality I'd face one day. I thank my husband for being there with me, especially when it felt like too much.

  • We can deeply grieve and miss those who have passed on, and still find joy and meaning in life.

  • Checking off another item on your to-do list is not productive if it means less sleep

  • Naps are so essential when possible, even 10 mins doing nothing is restorative! Please rest. (Shout out to all my tired mamas!!)

  • Learning a new skill, hobby or profession is something to be proud of!

    • This year I:

      • Studied and got Certified as a Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula, Home Birth Doula and currently Childbirth Educator. Women's bodies are truly AMAZING!!!!

      • Interviewed 13 amazing guests on my Venture Love Podcast. I learned and loved it so much! So grateful for these connections.

      • Blogged 14 times on topics I enjoyed to empower and educate others on health, business and motherhood - my favorite topics!

      • Took a course on how to properly detox, from nutrition and beauty to home and mind, I learned to detox by reducing my exposure to everyday toxins and learned sustainable ways of living. I can't wait to share more on this!!

      • Oh did I tell you in March, I started a Bay Area Cleaning Company, called Clean Cozy Home. Running a brand new commercial and residential service business all from home has kept me busy hiring and managing teams to do incredible transformations! It's been such a joy seeing it grow week-by-week!

      • I also learned to make sourdough, foccacia, fruit tart, chocolate cake all from scratch!

  • I've continued to write and write and plan to submit my book draft to my editor soon! Complete - not quite yet, but progress has been made which makes me proud.

  • Oh and I'll be creating brand new programs I'm so excited to share! But for now, one thing at a time.

  • Last but not least, I LOVED, NURTURED, BREASTFED, FED, CUDDLED, PLAYED WITH, CARED FOR AND RAISED MY BABY BOY. That is my greatest source of satisfaction, among many things I listed above. Knowing I could care for him while running my businesses and do what I love with the people I love has been the biggest blessing.

Now, I challenge you to consider what things you've been so blessed with this year! Sure, we all faced hardship and challenges, but let's try to focus on the good. So, what good things happened for you this year? What good things are you excited to take action and see in this brand new year?? Let me know in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you! ❤️

As always, sending so much love,

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