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Do You Love... An Addict?? 💔🍻

Are you too stressed/ashamed to admit it? Have you been avoiding all the 🚩 🚩🚩? Not sure where to get help? Well, you're in luck. ❤️❤️❤️

Tune into my latest podcast episode with the incredible @jamiedfrancis!

I am so excited to have this very special guest on the Venture Love Podcast. @venturelovepodcast. For our listeners, you'll absolutely want to check Jamie Francis out! Jamie is a Family Recovery Strategist based out of Canada. She is a wife and mama to 3 children and the owner of 6 businesses!!

As a self proclaimed wife to an alcoholic, Jamie helps the wives of other addicts reclaim their life and live their full potential.Her mission is to change the conversation about family addiction by offering support to loved ones of addicts through her Coaching, Community Building and Connection events.

And if you loved this episode, be sure to follow and subscribe to the @venturelovepodcast so you never miss a future episode!

With love,

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