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3 Tips To Feed Your Picky Toddler

Feeding your tiny toddler can be a walk in the park (on a good day) or it can be a source of struggle, frustration and even cause you to m e l t d o w n.

How do I know? Well, hi, I'm Violet, and I have an 18 month old. 😅

I want to say that Gio has always been an incredible eater but these last couple weeks have him moving into what some call "those terrible twos" just a tad bit early. Some days are smooth, some not so much and his favorite new word is "no mama, no!!!!!" It sure is fun!! lol

So, here are a few tips I'd love to share with you in hopes that you can prevent a meltdown or two and avoid your wall getting splattered with something bright, red and saucy!

Eat With Your Eyes:

  • Who doesn't love to eat first with their eyes?? Kiddos are no different. If you find that their meals are looking dull, colorless or blah, try adding more healthy nutrients into their diet like beautiful fruits, veggies and offering different textures. Gio loves squishy red raspberries, but also loves toasted multigrain bread! You can also arrange food into smiley faces or cut sandwiches into fun shapes. I bought this cute pack of cutters which he loves! Dinos and hearts are his current favorite!

Patience Is A Virtue:

  • Oh I know how they can test you... it'll drive you nuts sometimes or many times, but remember they are still so little and they deserve your patience and love - even during the tough moments. They don't mean to drive you mad, it's just their developmental stage and it's completely normal to test boundaries and learn what they like and don't like. Crying is sometimes their only form of communication so respect them. They're brand new little humans so let them experiment! If one day they hate apples, try making apple sauce or cutting into fun shapes the next day. Sometimes it take a little time to figure out how they like certain foods and doesn't necesarily meant they are anti-apples for example!

Reading At The Table:

  • Kids are not meant to sit still for an hour long or 30 minutes or even 15 minutes long at the table. Who likes to sit for ultra long meals anyways? No one! Toddlers are naturally curious little people and once they are over their food and their constrictive highchair- they're done! Ugh, I know. I have learned that introducing fun, colorful picture books and reading at the table can definitely entertain Gio much longer than during meals when we don't read to him, so as of right now, a good story-time while he chomps down on his chicken apple sausage, scrambled eggs and avocado keep him full... and keeps mama satisfied. A last little tip - I keep a small basket of books I change out daily on our dining table, so it's always new and stimulating for Mr. Gio.

I'll be sharing many more tips, but for now, give these a try and let me know how it goes in the comments bel0w! And if this helped you, be sure to share with another mama friend too!

With so much love,

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