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3 Words to Describe How You Want to Feel in 2022

I can't believe we are in our LAST MONTH of the year!

It's been a minute... or a long minute since I've talked to you! Yes Y O U.. my beautiful reader. And although parts of me wish to apologize, I won't. I can't. Want to know why?

Because life has been happening...

Through the highs and lows I've come to recognize that forcing is not flowing and I want to FLOW. I want to GLOW. I am learning and growing and life isn't linear at all. It's not perfect. Nothing is, but it definitely is worth it.

These last few months after our magical marriage have been a bit of a whirlwind. I've reflected a ton. I've read a ton. I've journaled a ton... meditated a ton. I've cried.. and laughed a ton. I've rolled out my yoga mat... and I've taken deep breaths.. that's right - a ton.

And to be honest I've judged myself... a ton and I know I'm not alone. Removing myself from being so visible, so frequently on social media wasn't necessarily something I planned on doing at all.. but I suppose it was something the universe had planned for me.

It was what I needed.

I've been feeling a huge transformation coming over me like a wave I simply can't out-swim. So I've learned to sit still; to embrace it all and although uncomfortable at times, I'm starting to love it. And by "it" I mean my life. I love it so damn much and I'm so grateful.

As much as I wanted to let my fingertips glide on this keyboard and express myself these last few months, I couldn't. I tried and stopped, week after week, frustrated with my inability to share.. not because I couldn't, but simply because it felt forced. And I never ever want to feel fake. Ever. So I chose silence instead. I chose reflection and inner-work instead. And I'm so glad I did.

But here I am feeling renewed, feeling open and ready to receive and most importantly, I'm feeling ready to GIVE light and empowerment to women which is what I love and have missed. I'm also feeling like "oh shit, I understand now why I couldn't.." And, it's because I needed REST. I needed to stop and allow time to do it's thing. I needed the dusty mental chatter and overwhelm to simply S E T T L E. And it has! Thank freakin' GOD. Hallelujah!

We're all human. Me too. I'm no different. So here's to me. Cheers to me. I'm BACK. Slowly but surely, I am here in the now and it feels D I V I N E!

I read a quote somewhere recently and it hit me... and I smiled. It said,

"Go away, disappear... then come back... BETTER."

So, as we do in reiki energy work when we wipe down each arm to release negativity to start anew... here I go. Will you join me? I've asked myself tons of questions and in meditation and breath-work I've received some enlightening answers. How about we start with this Q?


So lovely, yes YOU... how do you want to FEEL in 2022?

Share 3 Words that EMBODY this for you and why. Here are mine:

  1. Grateful - for all I've been given, all I have now and all the beautiful blessings yet to come because I know so many are on their way! The more you express gratitude, the more you will be given! Believe and you shall receive.

  2. Vibrant - in mind, body, energy, soul. In connections I make with genuine, positive, caring and loving people. I want to exude vibrancy. I want to flow freely in the direction that always feels good and right and real and release everyone and everything that doesn't align with this reality. If you want to fly, you must release all that weighs you down.

  3. Glowing - it means to "shine with intense heat" and I love that because it's my way of creating the loving, bold impact I want to share. I want my light to radiate so far out that it touches everyone I meet. I want that love and happiness and care to penetrate everyone in my world which will always ultimately reflect back to me. What goes around, comes around... so spread only the good stuff. :)

How about you? Share the 3 words you want to embody this coming year in the comments below. Can't wait to hear.

Love and missed you,

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