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You need a Health Coach. Here's why.

First off, what is a Health Coach?

A Certified Health Coach is a wellness professional who helps you to achieve your health and wellness goals. These goals vary from person-to-person and covers anything from: stress management, weight loss, improving the quality of your sleep, increasing energy, learning what foods work best for you and more importantly, removing or substituting those that don't, to simply improving your overall relationship with food. Food is only part of what a health coach covers when working with you. And, as we all know, food does one of two things: heal or hurt you.

Eating healthy may or may not be an issue for you...

Maybe you crave sweets or salty foods? Obsessed with counting calories? Are you happy with your weight, but want to feel more vibrant and energized? Are you eating clean but still feel like something else is missing? Maybe you've tried all the diets and realized they just don't work! Maybe you're struggling in other areas of your life. Do you need an accountability partner to help you reach your goals?

A certified health coach can help with these concerns and many more. Some health coaches focus on helping women who struggle with infertility. Some enjoy teaching what foods are best to eat to keep skin clear and youthful, while others love partnering with doctors or other medical professionals to come up with health programs to ensure clients are eating a balanced, whole diet to improve their overall health.

Above all, certified health coaches are known for providing clients a safe space so that together, they can dig deep and fully understand all the factors contributing to their clients current state: whether they are: unsatisfied, unhappy, unhealthy, unmotivated... etc.

As a Certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I've studied over 100 diverse dietary theories, from ancient Eastern Traditions to modern Western medicine to unique core concepts, bio-individuality and primary food. Not only have I learned a ton and want to share this incredible information, but I need to share it with you!

With a certified health coach by your side to receive support and partner with, you learn so much more than you ever bargained for. I graduated from the IIN program years ago and to this day, I still revisit my lessons and am in awe of the incredible knowledge I've gained. By using my nutrition education, I help clients discover which foods and lifestyle choices make them feel their very best. I take a holistic, bio-individual approach. Everyone can benefit from this amazing knowledge, that means you too!

Sounds great, but what exactly does Bio-individual mean...?

This means that I focus not only on what foods you're eating, but I take an overall look at your life on a greater scale and figure out what areas I can help to support and nourish your overall wellbeing. Real, genuine health doesn't just magically appear from the foods you eat.

A balanced, healthy life also comes from taking a deep look at other areas which include: career, environment, financial, physical activity, relationships and spirituality. They're all important factors and pieces of the puzzle that make you, YOU!

Bio-individual means that what may work well for me, could be toxic or unhealthy for you and vice-versa; everyone is essentially different. The recommendations I provide to "Jane" could be completely different to those I provide to "Nina". No two people are the same! Bio-individual means each person receives a personalized plan just for them.

Ever felt rushed in your doctor's office to ask a question? Before you could get comfy in your minty gown for a regular pap, the doc had tossed their gloves in the trash and was off to help the next patient. A few seconds later the nurse was knocking for you to get dressed. Sound familiar? I know because I've been there.

So who can you really talk to?

Health coaches help to fill the void that is often left by doctors who don’t always have enough time to provide nutritional and wellness guidance. Consider it a necessary partnership. Both go hand-in-hand to support, help, and guide you to being your happiest, healthiest self.

How can I work with a Health Coach?

Health Coaches can work in a number of different scenarios including with clients one-on-one or in group settings. Some work face-to-face with clients, while others take video calls remotely. We also work side-by-side with other healthcare professionals such as acupuncturists, chiropractors, medical doctors, nurses, and therapists.

*Note: health coaches DO NOT take the place of a medical doctor and are not licensed to treat or heal anyone! Please don't work with anyone that is promising you this.

We are your guides and support system. We provide tools. We share ideas based on our nutritional education and wellness knowledge. We listen to you and show you loving and proven ways to better tackle your challenges, because there is always, a better way.

Consider what areas of your life you might be struggling in. I've had several life and health coaches in my past to help guide me and I'm so grateful I reached out when I did!

In the world today, we're living in a global healthcare crisis. With the help of Certified Health Coaches, we're helping to reverse this awful reality. Thanks to health coaches and their partnerships with medical doctors and other wellness professionals, rates of obesity, cancer and other diet-related diseases are improving.

Are you interested in working with a Certified Life and Health Coach? Sign up for a free, exploratory coaching session with me by contacting me with your name, email, phone and be sure to fill out this form by clicking here!

With love and wellness,

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