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Rest, it can wait.

My mantra today: Rest, it can wait.

What is “IT”?

Well, the endless list of to-do’s and to not want to do’s. We all have them, right?

Some we know we need to get done.

Some we want to get done.

But what about how you feel? Are you exhausted? Tired? Sleepy? Stressed? Achy? Overwhelmed or just low energy? 😮‍💨

I think being pregnant has forced me to focus more than ever on what feels good in the present moment without dwelling on what comes next. For example, I woke up at 3am, my usually “wake up call”. I emptied my constantly full bladder, took a sip of water and went back to bed.

I laid there thinking about all the things… and I decided to let it go. I literally said, “I’ve giving it up to God.”

And in that moment I felt better. Maybe it was my way of surrendering what felt too heavy and it felt right to give it up. Whoever or whatever God or the universe is… can do what needs to get done. I surrendered it and felt at peace and I slept… and slept and slept.

What is one thing you can postpone to work on yourself today to feel better and recharge for the week ahead?

  • Maybe it’s making a delicious lunch?

  • Maybe it’s getting fresh air?

  • Moving your body?

  • Meditating?

  • Sleeping in some more?

  • Journaling?

Whatever it is, I hope you invest in rest and go do it.


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