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5 Affirmations To Start Your Week Off Right!

So, how do you prepare for a busy week of personal and professional life?? As someone who has tried just about everything to set myself for success when it comes to starting a new week, there are a number of things I personally love to do which work for me.

Depending on the day or how I'm feeling, I'll meditate, go for a walk, eat a healthy breakfast or get more sleep if I'm feeling tired and on most days, if not all, I find myself stating an affirmation, even without even realizing it!

Sure, not everything I've listed here will be perfectly suited for you, but that's okay. Try it out, keep what works and leave the rest behind.

What exactly are affirmations?

Positive affirmations are phrases and statements that you repeat to help challenge negative thoughts and encourage positive changes in your life. For those of you new to the term, you can simply say the statements aloud or quietly in your mind to yourself to help inspire you towards achieving that goal, desire or to help bring some peace during stressful or hard times. For me, they're a bit more than that.

I know sometimes repeating things just for the sake of saying them isn't great or helpful and yep, it can be frustrating to not see results or the thing you want, but what I've learned the hard way is that - nothing works... unless you do. This means that you have to have faith.

You have to believe. You have to be a vibrational, energetic match for that thing you so desire so that you can be in better alignment to receive it. Guess what would happen to me anytime I've repeatedly stated something I wanted but deep down doubted myself? That's right; I never got it.

And guess what happened every time I fully felt that thing I wanted, took big deep breaths in, closed my eyes for a few minutes to visualize it so much that I felt my hands get warm, and my heart start to race because of how excited I was to receive it??! You're right again: I got it. It's that simple or that difficult and you get to decide.

So, what do I tell myself to excitedly jump out of bed and start the week off right?

Here are 5 Simple Affirmations:

Feel free to adopt these if they feel good to you, or get creative and create your own!

  1. I can handle everything that comes my way.

  2. I am always protected and guided.

  3. I am love. I radiate love. I am worthy of love.

  4. I can do this. There's nothing I can't do.

  5. Everything I desire, is already mine.

The most important piece is to get energetically "serious" about your desire or affirmation. And, by "serious" I mean, truly believe in it. Have faith in it. Envision yourself doing or having that thing you most want and also just as important, take action towards obtaining it. Also, be open to receiving what you want, even if it's not in the manner you originally envisioned it coming.

When we are open, we receive what we want in much better ways than we could have ever imagined on our own. If you believe in God, pray to ask for guidance or support. If you are more spiritual, call on whatever source is to you and surrender to it fully.

When we hold onto something so tightly, it can have a heavy or negative feeling to it, because without wanting to, we are showing the universe that what we want is being "forced into our existence" and not that it "natural flowed to us". Being controlling tends to hurts us more in the long run. Have faith. Let go and let flow and behave in ways that prove that it's coming and guess what, eventually it will.

Remember everything that happens in this life is not solely alone. My belief is that we are always getting help, signs and guidance. Sometimes we are stubborn and ignore the little or loud signs. Follow your intuition and that little or big voice within: it will always serve us right. Be willing and open to receiving that information and when it feels right... act on it.

Here's to your happy, healthy and heart-ful Monday.

You got this,

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