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3 Steps To Clarity When Life Feels Crazy

We've all been there. Between work, meals, endless laundry, trying to squeeze in workouts and commitments we've made to ourselves and loved ones, life can feel pretty darn crazy sometimes. I get it. Girlfriend, I do.

The good thing to remember is that we always have options, even if it doesn't feel like it. On one hand we look at our pile of to-do's and then on the other, we look at the temporary feel-good option and for some (ahem - most) of us, we do that instead. Why? Because it's easy, requires less of us and it's going to make us feel better - in that moment.

Do you do any of the following?

  • Press the snooze button... instead of going for a sunrise run

  • Grab the remote control... instead of doing laundry

  • Eat some chips... instead of doing that "thing" you've been meaning to do

I know I do. I do 'em all! We're human and what's wrong with sleeping in, watching a funny tv show and munching on chips and guac?

Absolutely nada! So don't beat yourself up about it.

The trick is finding a good balance so you do MORE of what helps you progress and feel lighter so that you can enjoy your life and not feel like you're Jack on the Titanic. No one likes holding onto dear life but feeling like we're slowly drowning. I know I don't!

The bright side

No matter how chaotic life may feel, know that there are plenty of amazing tips you can try to turn that crazy and chaotic life into one that feels way more c l e a r + c a l m.

Below are a few simple steps you can start right now!

#1) Grab a paper and pen

We tend to make life way more complicated than it has to be. Less is more. Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down every single little thing that is eating up mental rent in your mind. No need for "Perfect Patty" here, just write: sloppy, cursive or shorthand. Write it all down. Write down your personal commitments, your work duties, your wants and needs, your planned catch up calls or play dates that never happen, the book you keep telling yourself you'll read, the call you keep saying you'll make to your aunt in Florida.. you get the point. Write it all down. The goal is to get it all out of your MIND... and onto PAPER.

#2) Strike it out

Set a timer now for 5 minutes and strike out every single task that you haven't done in the past 6 months to a year because it simply isn't a priority anymore. Be really honest with yourself. It's a nice "to-do", but not a critical to-do. If you continue to allow those tasks to live in your mind, they will 100% eat up your vital energy and won't allow you the peace and clarity you need to fine-tune focus on the things that really do matter! Don't overthink this step, just intuitively allow your hand to glide over those tasks and one by one, strike those suckers out! The goal is focus on what will truly move you ahead with less guilt, stress and overwhelm, because guess what - as women, we live with more than enough of all those things. No need to add on more of it. Less is best, so .. strike, strike, strike it out!

3) Rewind & Reduce

Now, I want you to take a step back, grab a glass of water, take a stretch break and come right back again. You're almost done so hang in there! With fresh eyes, examine your list a little closer. For the next 5 minutes and no more than that, notice what is left behind that feels absolutely draining, boring or unimportant. Sometimes we think that having a list brings us a sense of importance or busyness but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Life is meant to be LIVED. Cross out all the things that just don't feel right or good to you anymore. Are you forcing yourself to feel like you NEED to do something? Maybe your priorities have changed? If so, cross it out! Does doing that task feel so outdated and irrelevant? Cross it out! Does getting together with your overly judgmental cousin feel like "too much", well then, if you must, make it a brief call instead and call it a day. Anything that feels wrong or too heavy or old - cross it out! There is a reason you're resisting it and deep down you already know why. Don't beat yourself up about it. Remember: you got this.

CONGRATS!! You now have a solid list of high priority and important tasks you CAN ABSOLUTELY DO! Without the stressful, unimportant or outdated tasks eating up all your precious energy, you can now create an action plan to get you going in the right direction. In your journal, now prioritize those items and add them to your calendar to block and tackle. If it doesn't get added to your calendar - it won't happen. So be kind but consistent with your efforts. Know that you have everything within you to make it happen.

Need help creating clarity and sticking to your promises?

Do you have trouble holding yourself accountable? Feel like you're constantly letting yourself and others down? If so, don't stress, you're not alone!! I work with many women who struggle with the same and I'd love to help you reduce the stress, get clear and take consistent action. Book a free 30 minute clarity call here.

Wishing you all the fun, free Friday feels,

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