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Choose Love

I don't like writing just for the "sake of writing". For me it has to stem from the deep desire to "get it out" of my brain and body and pour it into the universe because somewhere deep down, I know I'm probably not the only one thinking and feeling this way.

I do believe that we are all connected in one way or another. We simply are.

Sometimes I think it's just my intuition feeling it's time to share what's on my heart and pause on consuming.

Because boy do we consume so much. I know I do. It's almost impossible not to.

We as humans I believe are either doing one of two things:

1) We Consume or

2) We Create (to bring (something) into existence)

Sure, we can do both, but there is usually a heavier emphasis on one more than the other during certain seasons in life, I think. Especially highly stressful times like these.

A lot has been happening in the world and I've consumed so much of it. I'm sure without wanting to, you have as well. Any maybe now through writing this small piece, I can create or share what I feel called to share.

It's been heart-wrenching, terrifying, devastating and every other possible painful feeling there is - to see what's happening to human beings: to fathers, brothers, mothers, sisters and innocent children and babies. It hurts my heart. Seeing things on social media I wouldn't ever imagine seeing and feeling torn, angry, disgusted and deeply sad. It's a tornado of emotions that swirl around depending on what I see, read and hear.

Most of us have the "luxury" to swipe away, close the app, turn off the news and if we want distract ourselves and look away. "Thank goodness that awful madness is not happening here" is something brutally honest you may have thought. And, in certain moments throughout the day, I thank God and think the same when I see my sweet son's face.

But what about those who simply can't look away? They are no different that you or me. They have lives, dreams, goals, wishes for themselves and their loved ones. They have desires to live freely in peace, to love, grow old, to not be torn apart, abused, tortured, raped or be murdered.

I will forever have visions of innocent babies covered in grey dust, wrapped in blankets lined up next to each other on the cold floor. Their sweet faces looking so innocently, now gone to where ever we all go in the next life.

Yet another life taken way too soon. It's unfair.

I will forever have the vision of a mothers hands clenching her dying baby so tightly in her arms. It's a vision burned in my brain. My heart can't fathom that level of agony and ache.

I too am a mother and it's devastating to even think for a minute what their current existence is like. It's horrible. We all see it on the news. Everyone wants you to take a side, to choose one over the other. To not be "neutral".

Here are my personal thoughts and mine alone. As always, take what serves you and leave the rest behind.

No human life is deserving of torment, fear, pain and loss. No mother deserves to see her innocent baby brutally stripped away. No father is deserving of living in constant anguish over the loss of his entire family and community being blown away. No child is deserving of the unbelievable trauma. Not one single human life.

Valuing human life should not ever be complicated: one single loss, is far too great.

Truthfully feeling helpless in this moment but I know staying quiet sometimes hurts more. Prayers for all those in pain in every corner of the world. This mama is praying for you.

Please please please: cease fire.


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