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What are you saying NO to this year?

Before I lay it all out there... I'd like to preface this by saying that I've learned so much this past year about friends, family, my husband, work and mostly, about myself. I've learned more than ever what feels good, and more importantly - what doesn't. 🙅🏻‍♀️

So, what does this emotional "purge" include? Basically anything and everything that no longer serves me. The list I have is pretty decent in my journal, 📝but today I'll provide my top 3 which I know will help remind you of your power in clarity and choice! As you've heard me say a bajillion times, take what works for you... and leave the rest behind.

Here are 3 Things I'm saying "NO" To in 2022:

  1. Excuses I think I've said "I'm too busy" a lot this part year. Sure, most of the time I was really busy and trying to multitask, but if I think hard and deep about this response, it ties me to a culture of "doing too much" and being busy because that's what we are expected to be, to be successful or worthy. Yes, trust me, I keep myself very busy with work and my business, passion projects and my growing family, and I do try my best to make time for meaningful relationships with people who inspire, love and support me, but I know switching the "I'm too busy" general go-to line for the following more accurate phrases makes better sense and feels more honest, such as:

    1. I'd love to go, but I'm tired and pregnant women need rest! I'm growing a human! 😅

    2. How about next week when things settle down a bit? I just got back from my trip!

    3. I'll need to pass. Sounds fun but I have personal deadlines that mean a lot to me. Thank you for understanding! Let's catch up in a few weeks.

  2. Procrastination Embarrassingly, I have learned that I am a queen for making "miracles happen" at the last minute.. 😬 aren't most of us when we have a critical deadline? Well, that feels like being in college and I'm way past that. I'm going to be a mother in few months! I know I can't completely wipe that clean from my plate or sense of being, but here's my effort to try! I've learned that if a task just feels so dreadful or unnecessary or heavy - I simply won't do it and I won't let myself feel bad about it. I'll just scratch it off my list and be done with it. "Next!" 👋🏻 And no, I'm not talking about letting dishes pile in the sink, but I'm talking about saying no to things that simply aren't in alignment with who I am and who I want to be. I've learned that procrastination doesn't always mean that you're lazy, it could very well mean that that task just simply isn't worth your valuable energy or time! So my tip: scratch it off your to do list and move on!

  3. Toxic and overly-judgmental relationships Whether we like it or not - we all judge. Within 3 seconds of seeing someone new, we've already judged: their appearance, their clothes, their hair, shoes and have come up with a list of assumptions about how they live, where they work, etc. How do I know? Well I'm just like you - human! But, when it becomes overwhelmingly negative, it becomes toxic. And, toxicity spreads like wildfire! I am a NO for anyone who puts anyone else down. It's wrong and just not okay. If you don't like someone, avoid or ignore them. If you can't say anything nice - then zip it! 🤐 And if someone did something to hurt you in the past (knowingly or ignorantly) then that's not right, but communication always wins. We can't live our lives in the past so either bring it up like an adult and hash it out maturely or move forward. Continuing to live in the past is ridiculous and serves no one, especially not you. You deserve to live freely in the present. Let go of whatever is holding you back. That is my true intention this year and I'm doing it.

I hope this list helped to remind you of your power in clarity and your power in choice. Remember, it is up to you to allow or say NO to what no longer feels good and what doesn't serve you.


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