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What Are You A YES for in 2023?

Updated: Jan 17

Last year I wrote a blog, "what are you saying no to in 2022" and as I look back and reflect, I have to say that although I wasn't perfect with all of my goals (newsflash most of us aren't and that's okay!), I did stick with the main commitments I made for myself which I'm proud of because they weren't easy, especially when you throw becoming a first time mother to the mix!

This brought me to thinking about this upcoming year... a brand new, fresh year is around the corner and although some people don't care for new starts, I LOVE THEM! I love the feeling of knowing we can reinvent ourselves however we wish and we can start a brand new chapter or page of the book of our lives and feel really good about doing so!

Now I want you to also ask yourself...

What are you saying YES to this year?

I feel as a society we tend to focus on the lack of or depriving ourselves of things, so the focus on this year as I plan ahead is, what am I saying YES to? I'd like to think that the world is our oyster so we are all capable of manifesting, building and creating whatever it is we wish to see, feel and have in our lives.

Here is what I am saying Yes to This Year.

  1. Writing and Publishing My Book This Year. As of Dec 7th, 2022 I committed to getting it out into the world to help as many other women as I possibly can. As hard as it's been to do this for so many years, I'm done making excuses and pushing it off. It is happening this year and you know why? Because I'm putting myself in the energy of love and creation and I'm sticking to my word.

Even though my 7 month old son G can't understand me fully just yet, I want him to know that his mama sticks to her word because that is the kind of man I want to raise. Words are cheap. Everyone can afford them, however actions will always speak volumes.
  1. Being Intentional With My Time: As a mama and business owner, my time is stretched now more than ever before which means I want to be extra mindful of how I dedicate my time. Time is the most valuable asset each of us have in this world. We all only have x amount of years, months, days, hours and minutes, and once they are gone - they are gone. I want the time I spend with my family and with my business doing what I love so much, to be incredibly meaningful, fun, playful, vibrant and full of love. I am saying "no" to alot more this year if it doesn't align with my personal or professional goals. No need to feel bad about it but if I decline an invite it's for my own wellbeing and it simply isn't a big enough priority to me and that is more than okay!

  2. Focusing on My Energy: I say this all the time but energy is everything. It simply is. After tragically losing my baby brother this year, a lot has been but into perspective for me, now more than ever. I don't want to waste my time forcing myself to do things that simply do not matter or feel good. I want my life to be a life I choose, not one that chose me. I am choosing the things, people, places and experiences that light me up and elevate my energy. I want you to consider the same for yourself. If a relationship is sucking the life out of you - leave. Stop lowering your standards. If a "friend" is being two-faced and taking advantage of you - end that friendship. If a job is soul-sucking, say goodbye. If your environment is lifeless - change it! We spend years (myself included) in environments or with people that do not serve or benefit us, but guess what - you don't need more money or better clothes or a nicer car or anything else to make a change. What you do need is the guts and conviction to make a choice and stick to it.

Now, I'd love to hear from YOU:

What are you saying YES to this year? How do you plan to improve yourself and live a better life starting January 1, 2023?


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