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3 Tips To Increase Happiness

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

I'd be lying if I told you I was "little miss sunshine" ☀️ all the time - because reality is, I'm not. But guess what - no one else is (and if they seem that way, I promise you they're holding back some truth). I don't think as humans we are meant to be in this state 100% of the time and that's okay. We all experience the normal highs and lows of life because change is inevitable and we learn how to ride the waves of life as they come. I will say that we are absolutely capable of increasing our levels of happiness, even if it's just a little to start. We all deserve peace, love and positivity so why not learn to apply these 3 tips to help reduce the stress and increase the peace? As always take what works for you and leave the rest behind!

Ready to ditch the stress and increase your happiness? Here are 3 tips you can apply right away!

Tip #1 - Be self-ish ❤

There: I said it. 🤭 And guess what? I meant it! Selfish doesn't have to be a terrible word. How can it be when it involves the self? If anything these last few years I've considered it more of a self care tool. Too often do I hear from clients that the source of their unhappiness revolves around someone else and how that persons needs and wants are trumping over yours. Whether it's your mom, sister, cousin, nephew, boss or boyfriend, I highly recommend taking a step back to examine the situation from a third person's perspective. What is really going on here? And, what I am doing or not doing to contribute to the stress? What have I thought but not yet spoken? Sometimes a little space to do this activity helps you reevaluate what is actually important and what isn't. More often than not, it's that you've bent over backwards to make THEM so happy that you've let yourself down. Prioritize you, because you deserve it. And, prioritizing yourself doesn't have to mean going to a spa and spending tons of money. You can do this for free. Put on your tennis shoes 👟 and get some air. Put on your favorite music, audible book or podcast and enjoy being in the moment.

Tip #2 - Decide Your Non-negotiables ✍🏼

Consider journaling to get your fully authentic self out and onto paper. From there, you can better examine what is really within yourself, and learn what's most important to you. It's time to start listening to that special unique voice that only you have deep within.

Ask yourself, if I only had 1 year to live, what would I be doing differently? How would I start and end my days? Who would I give my energy, presence and love to? What would I start saying yes and more importantly, no to? What habits would I do daily so I could live in my truest authentic self?

This is a big one. Journal and cry it out if it helps you fully empty yourself onto the pages and then sit with your writing. Drink some tea and fully examine your words. They matter!

Tip #3 - Cut ✂️ Out the Chaos

Last but not least, it's time to take a hard look at what is causing you pain and sometimes unfortunately WHO is causing it. I'll rip off the bandaid and say this: you are an adult and your actions matter. No one in this life is going to come and "save you". If someone is intentionally causing you pain and discomfort and you've communicated this to them like a broken record, it's time to remove them from your life. It doesn't mean that you need to be mean or hateful. Simply recognize that the only person you can change in this world is the person looking back at you in the mirror: YOU. For things to change, you must change. Change your circle of "friendships". Is it family that is triggering you or taking advantage? Reduce time spent with them. Surround yourself with people who will genuinely care to help elevate you to where you want to be. Those are your people. Simple as that.

Happiness starts with clarity.

You are meant to be happy and you deserve it. It's our divine human right to feel safe, at peace, be loved and experience true joy. I love helping my clients do this. Dealing with an issue but not sure how to handle it? Book your Clarity & Action Call here.

If you found this blog helpful, share it with a friend and leave your biggest takeaway in the comments below! I'd love to hear from you.


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