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October Challenge: for a happy, clear mind

A new month has arrived... and just like that we have only 92 days till a brand new year!!

So, how has this year been for you? Any better than the last?

If you ask me, it's been a mix of all the feelings: happy, sad, worried, elated and other times frustrated, mixed in with pure joy and freedom. It's been a wild, crazy year of transformation... and I know, it still isn't over.

If September wasn't memorable, fun or happy, then you know what - leave it where it belongs: in the past!

Today is an opportunity to start fresh. It's a brand new month for you and me to live how we want, our way.

Sure, some things may be out of your control, but I promise there are many things that we still have control over. So, I've decided to start doing simple, easy monthly challenges and I invite YOU to join starting right NOW!

For October, I challenge you to the following:

  1. Drink a full glass of water before hopping out of bed in the morning.

  2. Journal or meditate on 5 things you're grateful for each morning.

  3. Look in the mirror and tell yourself something real and loving every morning. ex: "I love you...I'm proud of you...You deserve happiness."

  4. Go for a walk 3 times a week. Focus on being present. If you can, leave your phone at home.

  5. Read 5 pages of any book you love every night (swap the screen time).

That's it! You can do this. I know you can.

Challenge yourself to start small and work your way up. Keep a journal or calendar nearby and feel proud checking off each day you complete the challenge. These are all positive, self-loving habits to help you become a better you! You're already wonderful as you are, but that's no reason to stop trying to improve. Remember, for things to change or improve, you must change or improve. ♥️

Lastly, accountability is SO important so tag a friend that should do this with you!!

Sending you so much love and excitement for this brand new fresh month to begin!


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