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My Baby's First Food!

The doors to the world of baby food are finally swinging wide open... and Gio has arrived!

He is officially eating! Well, nothing crazy yet, but ya know... it sure is exciting! :)

If you're a first time mama, you know the feeling of the very first bite your baby takes and oh man does it make me happy and a teeny bit sad at the same time to know my sweet baby boy is growing up! I'm definitely way more happy than sad of course because now I get to make all the exciting meals I've been dreaming up for him. #momgoals

What did I choose as his first meal?

When I was pregnant, I ate a ton of organic avocados. I don't think this was a pregnancy craving but just a normal, regular day kinda-craving. I love avocados. I always have. Always will. Not only do they have such a mild taste and creamy texture, but they also have such incredible health benefits which make them a perfect first baby food option.

To the mamas to be and current mamas reading this: you and only you will know what is best for your baby. Only you will know when it is best. I'm simply sharing what I've decided to do with my little guy and if it helps you, amazing! Follow your mama heart and do what works best for you and your family. Others will give their input (even when you don't ask) but always follow your own. Only you truly know the right path.

How did I know my baby was ready for solids/purees?

This is such a controversial topic and I get it. I totally do. Everyone and their mama as I mentioned above has an opinion on when they fed their baby and what worked well for them... and sometimes it gets to be just too much (cue eye-roll).

I'm assuming that if you're here reading this then you are curious and want to know mine, so I'll share. Once again - take what works for you and leave the rest behind!

The way I knew baby G was ready for solids or in this case purees was that he had developed such great upper body and back strength. He was capable of solely rolling from tummy to back and back to tummy all on his own and he was lifting his head so well.

Now, why is this important?

Well, for your baby to reduce any potential chance of choking once you introduce them to food, you'll want to at least ensure they can hold their head up pretty well. He was also starting to sit atleast a bit unassisted which made me feel much better. How else did I know? Well, I'm his mom and I guess I simply followed my intuition. I knew now was a good time and given that he's exclusively breastfed, this was a big deal. Not only was he ready but he was so ready that he was excited for more. We are now on day 4 of solids (avocados for 5 days to start (only once a day to start) before trying something new to keep an eye out for any potential food allergies). So far so good.

Why avocado?

As a certified health coach who studied nutrition at IIN, I knew that avocados were LOADED with so many health benefits (great for babies and all ages I might add :).

Here are just a few to name:

  • creamy, mild taste

  • brain-boosting food

  • high in fiber (get ready for those poopie diapers!)

  • rich in healthy fats

  • supports digestion

How did I prepare it?

Sooo simple: Grab a fresh, ripe organic avocado. How do you know if it's ready? Well, it should feel not too hard, but not too mushy soft. The seed will pop right off if it's ripe too.

Next, slice in half and scoop half and avocado into a small blender. Add a tablespoon or two of breastmilk or water (you can add more if needed) and blend baby, blend! The texture should be dripping to start. Once baby gets better at eating this consistency over time, you can thicken it up, but for now this works for us! That's it. Next, serve just a tiny little taste to baby and let them explore the flavor and texture. Be patient and don't forget to take a video or photo to remember.

I'm by no means no expert, but I am a real mama and just like my baby, I'm growing and learning and happy to share what works and doesn't on this journey of motherhood. Want to learn more about my motherhood journey? I'd love to hear from you. What topics do you want to see me cover?

Happy eating,


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