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My Baby is 6 Months Old!

I think I blinked and now he's 6 months old.

It's so true: time sure does fly...

My itty bitty baby born 7.7 pounds is now is a very long 97% in length and giggly, smiley sweet and heavy 20 pound baby. He's my big boy and I'm so proud to be his mama.

He's grown so much and even though I see and hold him every day, I too notice how much time has molded him already. He's half a year today and it's wild to see!

His facial features are waaay more pronounced.

3.5 months | Photo by Angela Jazmin Studio

His eyelashes are long, thick and dark, his eyes big, bright and bold.

His lips are heart shaped like mine and his hair golden brown in the sun 🌞 like his daddy's.

His hands have always been big, but man are they larger.

His nails grow like crazy and filing them is always the thing I dread most. If you're a parent you know the struggle! And, his legs drape over my arms every time I feed him. He gets longer by the minute! How tall will he be I wonder...? I imagine he may be quite tall but only time will tell.

Genetics are so fascinating.

What was once a dream Vito and I had... manifested into a microscopic little being: split 50% of him and 50% of me... and is now a full grown baby... soon to be a little toddler, boy, teen and eventually a man one day in the future.

Sometimes I watch him deeply and I see my eyes looking back. It's a pure love like no other.

Two days ago he said "Maaaa - ma!" My jaw dropped and my heart flooded. His first word in life. Sure, maybe it's babbling still but gosh was that so good to hear!

Going to soak up this precious time as much as I can... as brutally exhausting as it is, there is no time in my life that I've been more full blown, burst open, heart full ---- happy.

Everyone tells you that nothing compares to having a child ...and yes, I've joined that club.

There is nothing more life-changing and beautiful than becoming a mother or a parent.

Seeing your little one grow and change and develop is inevitable and so is the depth of love that grows along the way.

Are you a parent? What has been your most memorable month during your baby's first year of life? Comment below. I'd love to know! :)

Happy half birthday chub,

Love always,


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