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More Fun Facts About Me!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Once upon a time...

a brown-eyed baby girl was born in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Her parents, originally from Nicaragua had fled to start a new life due to the Sandinista war in the late 80's.

After 7 peaceful years, the war had sadly moved further north affecting Honduras, so they had to leave again, this time stopping in Mexico where we lived for 8 months and I turned one.

In search for a better quality of life, we left Mexico. We briefly lived in a LA for a few months and eventually settled in San Francisco where I was raised and still live to this day.

SF has been and will always be my H O M E.

My first passport photo, 1988.

As a little girl, I've always been extra curious and a strong believer of the "beyond" whatever that place may be.

When teachers couldn't answer my grand questions of: "why are we here?" and "why do people die and where do they go?" or better yet, "Why are some people successful and happy and others not?" I would pick up every book I could get my hands on and read them cover to cover in search of answers.

I've been reading books since the age of three and throughout my life I can say that the answers to life's big questions are not always so "simple."

The answers we so desperately seek are often so easy for others to determine, but so brutal for us to understand until we are willing to accept what we knew all along.

If you're willing to challenge yourself and everything you've been raised to know, explore the world and V E N T U R E L O V E, you learn what works well for you, and what doesn't. When you follow that voice of intuition, it steers you on the right path towards living a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. This passion project is my step in the right direction towards doing just that, so thank you for taking the time from your precious day to learn more.


I've worked in the corporate world for most of my life, starting at the age of 15 in a large number of industries including: litigation law, higher education, bio-technology, film, photography and entertainment, food and beverage, software, non-profit, branding, ultra high net-worth, estate management, venture capital and a private autonomous robotics company. In each of these industries, I have helped executives and CEO's to be as productive, healthy and successful as possible by focusing on living a balanced life they love. Now I wish to share those tools with you too.


I don't enjoy planes, but I do love traveling the world. I've traveled to Aruba, Austria, Bonaire, Canada, China, Germany, Dominican Republic, France, Grand Turks & Caicos,

Greece, Italy, Mexico, Nicaragua, Spain and Thailand; 5 of those countries completely alone! You learn so much about trusting and believing in yourself when you push yourself to do things independently, especially as a woman, especially in a foreign country.

You learn so much about trusting yourself when you choose to do things independently, especially as a woman, especially in a foreign country!

Education & Training

* Bio-individual Heath Coach Certified through Integrative Nutrition

*Certified Life Coach through OC's Life Coach training program

* Certified Pre and Post Natal Yoga Instructor by Jane Austin's Mama Tree Program. I don't have any babies yet, but have always been obsessed with learning everything I possibly could.

* I earned my Double Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Women & Gender Studies from Dominican University

* I started a Masters Program in Marriage and Family Therapy while still finishing my undergrad and decided it wasn't for me.

*I was also accepted into a Ph.D. program to study Sex Education and Therapy, but decided that wasn't for me either. Not everything you consider will be the right choice for you and that is okay.

* I do have a Masters Degree in Organization and Leadership from the University of San Francisco which is where I loved learning how CEO's become so successful and make it happen!

Fears, Food & Manifesting Love

* I'm terrified of heights but skydived 13,000 feet on my 25th birthday. I'm also deadly afraid of sharks, but I swam with

them while in Thailand.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

* My favorite foods are Sushi and Italian

Civil Wedding Day, 2/14/2020
* Love has never come "easily" to me.

I've overcome a number of horrible heartbreaks in my life and I know how awful it feels when you find yourself YET AGAIN feeling like a failure. Alone, betrayed, devastated and infuriated that another man you invested all of your heart and soul into, was not the one.

Most importantly, I learned how amazing I could feel once I finally learned the tools to recover, stand strong, heal and love myself so that I could attract my soulmate and true partner.

* I manifested the love of my life and guess what, he's 100% Italian. The rule is he makes Pasta, I cook the rest. Lasting relationships are not easy but you live... and you learn to compromise!

* After 3 years, we bought a home together.

* A few months later, he proposed in Paris, (it really is the most magical city and I hope you each get to visit one day!)

* After 4 years of dating on February 14, 2020, I tied the knot to the love of my life at SF's beautiful City Hall. My big sis also flew in my dad so he could be there for my special day.

* My other roommate is a little 13 year old Yorkie. I named Charlie, after his royal canine show-dog father, Charles. I've had him since he was a teeny pup. He's seen me through all the good and bad and I love him dearly.

My second apartment where I lived with Charlie.

* I'm 100% a Capricorn. Born on Dec 30. I'm stubborn and persistent to no end. Ask Vito.

I am well aware of this fact. When I want something bad enough, I WILL work hard for it.

Gardening, Past Lives, Science & Transcendental Meditation

* I love gardening, cooking and baking. My dad taught me to garden as a little girl; we grew carrots, tomatoes, potatoes and endless herbs in our yard.

Pomegranate baby tree I planted.

* I once had a re-occurring dream, hired a licensed Stanford hypnotherapist to help them stop, and they did! I also self-uncovered a past life (will blog about this later.) Too woo-woo for you? Sorry, not sorry! It's 100% true.

* I believe in energy, karma, dreams, signs, kindness, forgiveness and what we focus on, truly does e x p a n d.

* My husband is a pure Scientist so he's not spiritual, not even a little.. or at all, but oh boy is he learning!

* I love trying new things. I'm not a fan of repetition. Change is important to me.

* I've been trained in Transcendental Meditation and it's been life changing.

I know for a fact that without health in the mind, body, heart and soul, we have nothing. When you nurture each of these, you nurture everything in life.

Lastly, I'm an open book so send me a note and ask me anything.

Remember, nothing ventured... nothing gained!

With so much gratitude and LOVE,

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Perhaps it's your early childhood survival story, but it sounds like you've been a fighter since infancy. No wonder you are the warrior woman that you are today. Anyone would be so lucky to have your support in their journey of wellness, recovery, self-love, etc.

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