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✨ 8 Steps to Manifesting Goals ✨

Yesterday I hosted my free Venture Love workshop called, A Fresh Start to 2022 and although it's been a hot minute since I've connected with you ladies... I loved it so much!!! 🙌🏻

I have MISSED having divine, deep and heart-felt conversations and above all I'm so darn glad I did it... pregnant and all. I felt inspired to take this action to connect, teach and share and I'm so glad I did!

Sometimes I remind myself why I love doing this work so much as I'm in the process of teaching my many learned lessons to others, and here's a juicy, jam-packed lesson I'd love to share with you too!

Grab your notebook and pen. This ones real good! 📝

Here are my 8 bold and beautiful steps to Manifesting Goals:

1) Clarity: Be clear about what you want and WHY you want it. 2) Gentle Observation: Observe the mental blocks and any limiting beliefs that come up.

3) Recognize & Reframe: Know that thought is a lie and pick a better thought right away.

4) Think The New Thought: Consistently think that new, happier, higher-vibe thought. 5) Believe That New Thought: Feel and live in that new thought. 6) Release & Surrender: to the Universe/God/Mother Nature, etc.

7) Allow yourself to be guided: Listen to the nudges/signs/whispers AND take inspired action.

8) Receive what you've been asking for. Ask, believe, take inspired action... and RECEIVE. 🙌🏻

Want a deeper dive into this workshop? Lucky you!! I recorded it on my Venture Love Podcast.

Listen to all the golden nuggets and then come back here or join me on the Venture Love IG page and comment your biggest takeaways! I'd love to hear from you!

Love you,

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