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4 Reasons To Start Drinking Tea

For as long as I can remember I've loved tea. And, from the very beginning, I knew what a huge difference it made when I drank tea.. versus when I drank coffee. ☕️

I only started drinking coffee in my first job after college simply because it was a "social event". That's right, a social event, hah! You'd see everyone come into the office first thing in the morning and after putting their things down in their cubicles or office, and they'd swarm to our tiny shared kitchen to inhale a cup of coffee. God forbid someone take the last cup and they'd have to make a new batch... you'd always see someone's true colors in that instance. :)

Coffee, espresso's, cappuccinos, macchiatos, you name it: it fueled them. It was needed and necessary and "essential to do a good job". Don't get me wrong, after a month or two of drinking a cup of joe every day, I got hooked. I started loving it and craving it and without realizing it, I started adding it to my shopping cart.

I did notice that as much as coffee gave me the added boost of alert brain energy, it was definitely not what I was yearning when I was feeling sick, weak or emotionally run down. In those instances I always craved and still love, tea. Tea gave me the comfort, warmth and soothing feeling versus the jittery, bouncy feeling that coffee did.

Tea was my calming drink to recenter and feel better whenever life felt too painful, stressful or overwhelming. It soothed me in ways that coffee never could.

If you're not a tea drinker, that's okay. I'm not here to convince you to make it a daily drink, but, I do think it's worth trying it out if you never have.

And don't worry, the world of tea's are endless! I mean it. Hate the thought of herbal teas? Well, they literally come in every flavor you can imagine! I personally love Moroccan mint, green, chamomile, lemon, raspberry and my newest favorite tea is an incredibly rich mix I picked up in Istanbul, Turkey.

It's called "stress-reliever tea" and I swear every time I open our tea box it does just that! It has the most amazing, delicious and soothing scent that only expands in happy-vibes when you add in some hot water into your favorite mug or teacup. Ahhhh!

So, why bother drinking tea? There are a million reasons, but I figured we can start small. And nope, in case you're wondering, I'm not an anti-coffee kinda gal. I love it all! Just thought I'd share a few amazing reasons why you may want to consider adding tea to your cart too!

Here are 4 reasons to start drinking tea:

1) Anti-inflammatory

Why should I care? Well, inflammation in the body is the main cause of all chronic diseases. Inflammation is natural in the body but when it's in overdrive, it puts your health at risk of healing properly. Tea helps by reducing inflammation so we can maintain healthy levels and it also protects your cells from further damage. We want happy, healthy and perfectly functioning cells. Soda and the tons of sugar will never help. How about a nice swap for a box of some yummy teas? Grab a few flavors and try them out at home. Invite your friends over for a tea party!

2) Improves Mental Health

Antioxidants in teas have been known to cleanse the body of toxins that cause depression and mental illness. Regular tea drinkers have been shown to have lower stress levels and improved overall health. There's something incredibly soothing about drinking warm liquids. I find that drinking tea in times of stress or having a cup after dinner really gets me in a relaxing mood which eventually helps me to sleep better too. Oh and let's not forget about painful period cramps, I find that tea is always helpful for those instances too.

3) May Help With Weight Loss

Tea can be helpful in losing unwanted weight. Green tea contains amino acids that tell the body to burn stored fat which is really incredible. The caffeine in green tea also helps boost energy so you can power through your workouts and last longer than usual. Although caffeine is known to be dehydrating; by drinking tea (even those with caffeine), you are still hydrating your body and replenishing it with water. I personally think water is King and always will be when it comes to hydration, but if you're concerned about dehydrating effects, choose caffeine-free tea and be sure to replenish yourself with lots of water too.

4) Great Gut Health

Have an upset stomach? Drinking tea can really help to calm any funky feelings when it comes to your belly. I think we've all been there and have suffered from all kinds of bad belly aches. I know when I drink tea, even if it doesn't instantly make me 100% better, it definitely helps to calm me down. Tea contains tannins, which are known to reduce intestinal inflammation such as pain, swelling, bloating, gas, constipation and the not-so-fun, diarrhea. Ugh, that's seriously the worst! I recommend ginger, lemon, honey tea which is helpful with it comes to your gut health and laying on your left side. It naturally helps your body to eliminate thanks to gravity so all the toxins can flow down and... be gone for good!

So, like I said, there are a million more reasons why you'd want to drink tea, but I think these are a few great reasons to start. So, which tea will you try? I'm currently drinking my citrus 🍊 stress-reliever tea and mmmm... it sure it yummy!

Happy Sunday,


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