• Violet

4 Reasons To Start Drinking Tea

For as long as I can remember I've loved tea. And, from the very beginning, I knew what a huge difference it made when I drank tea.. versus when I drank coffee. ☕️

I only started drinking coffee in my first job after college simply because it was a "social event". That's right, a social event, hah! You'd see everyone come into the office first thing in the morning and after putting their things down in their cubicles or office, and they'd swarm to our tiny shared kitchen to inhale a cup of coffee. God forbid someone take the last cup and they'd have to make a new batch... you'd always see someone's true colors in that instance. :)

Coffee, espresso's, cappuccinos, macchiatos, you name it: it fueled them. It was needed and necessary and "essential to do a good job". Don't get me wrong, after a month or two of drinking a cup of joe every day, I got hooked. I started loving it and craving it and without realizing it, I started adding it to my shopping cart.