• Violet

33 Life Tips For Every Woman

Yesterday was my birthday. I woke up at 5am and found Vito watching TV on the couch. Poor guy was suffering from jetlag too. We just got back from Italy and here we were, wide awake in our pitch black living room standing in wrinkled pjs. He ran towards me and said "Happy Birthday!! I love you so much!" and kissed me all over.

Next, he guided me back to bed where he pulled out a crumpled letter from his nightstand drawer. It's been a few years since he wrote me a letter so I was pleasantly surprised. I could hardly read it... (his handwriting is just... well, his handwriting) so I asked that he read it aloud for me. :)

Immediately I started tearing up.

He reminded me of all the beautiful blessings this year has brought us and then he said... "next year will be the very best because you won't just be Violet anymore, you'll be someones mommy." I still cannot believe I'm having a baby!! I mean I can, but sometimes it feels so surreal.

So, as a now 34 year ol