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3 Things You Need To Stop Doing

Sure, there are lots of things we know we should "stop doing" like drinking soda 🥤 and scarfing down junk-food 🍟, spending the entire weekend in front of the tv 📺 or mindlessly scrolling and comparing ourselves to others on social media 📲. And then there are other not so lovely habits that we may not consider are truly and deeply affecting us just as much, if not more...

Here are 3 things you need to stop doing today so you can have a way better tomorrow!

1) Ignoring Your Intuition

I say this all the time. Trust the little whisper or loud voice within. Ignoring it will always and forever hurt you. How do I know? Because I've done it for YEARS and yes, it hurt me every single time I ignored that divine, beautiful and profound all-knowing voice within.

It hurt me so much that I chose my selfish, egotistic side instead of what I knew intuitively was better and right and good for me in that moment. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about then 1) stop talking and overthinking and 2) start listening👂. All the times I thought I needed to "air out dirty laundry" or "seek advice" to every listening ear was more of an opportunity to truly shut my mouth, go inward and slow down. I needed to focus on my breath and truly listen to what I needed to hear because a million answers can come externally but only the right answer will always come from within. I promise you that when you start doing what that little voice tells you - your life will change beyond your wildest dreams. ✨

2) Putting Up With Inconsistency

This means inconsistency with family, friends, colleagues, lovers - you name it. You deserve to know that the same love, attention and devotion should be reciprocated and if it's not - it's not your responsibility to drag it out of somebody. I've done this before... several times in my past and I'll tell you something - never, ever, again! My time is way too precious and so is yours!!

You, my gorgeous divine woman are meant for more, but guess what - you will never, ever have more until you realize this truth. And it's not just about realizing it - but about believing, living and breathing it. Realize that anyone who easily makes you an option and not a priority, doesn't communicate clear expectations, isn't honest or there for your special life moments to support you or comes and goes as they please, is not a healthy, consistent and contributing member of your precious life so please, let them go without clinging so heavily.

Instead love yourself more and lean on those that do consistently show up, love and support you. You'll know this when they show up and not only when it's convenient for them. Start the hobbies that fuel your soul and dive deeply into things that feel interesting, inviting, fun and exciting... because I promise that's a way better way of doing life than waiting, hoping and wishing for Mr. or Miss Inconsistency to show up when they please and pretend they might actually care. Bye felicia! Ain't nobody got time for your flakiness. 👋🏻

3) Expecting Things To Stay The Same

Life is expansive. It's meant to be that way! If you are exactly the same person you were 5, 10, 15 years ago then it's time to reconsider your goals and your environment and I mean that lovingly with a bit of concern lol. One of my favorite tv shows is "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy". I LOVE this show so much because the 5 gorgeous and glam hosts show just how much can be elevated in ones life and it's not just purely physical, but mental, emotional and so much more. It's a full cycle of change and evolution that should take place to truly grow. If you are still dressing the same, talking the same and doing the same old things you were doing when you were much younger then maybe you are a creature of habit and hey, some habits are beautiful and if they work - they work!

But, if you feel like you're stuck in a rut doing the same old boring things you've been doing for way too long, then it's time to reconsider how we can add more life to your LIFE! Also, not all friendships are meant to last forever. Sure, some are special, but if only one person is growing and the other isn't then it's not conducive to your life. And, sometimes people grow apart and that's just a part of life. Not every childhood hobby, ripped up concert t-shirt, mind-numbing job, kid friendship or love relationship is meant to last till our ending days on this earth. This is a hard realization but once you see that life is meant to change and evolve, you'll appreciate all the things from your past that got you to where you are today and you'll know that remaining stuck in cozy mud is never going to take you where you need to go... to grow. 🌱

Love yourself enough to let go of what nolonger serves you, release the old and embrace the new you YOU are becoming because you deserve this fresh new start. ☀️

So, did any of these 3 tips resonate with you? And if so, which will you stop doing today? 🤔 Let me know in the comments below or head on over to my IG to share your thoughts.

I'd love to hear from you!


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1 Comment

Mar 09, 2022

Always dropping the gems I need to hear. Thank you for existing lovely and for doing all you do. Sending you all my love. Arianie

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