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3 Things I’m Doing Different in 2023

I love the feeling of a brand new year. Maybe it's the idea that we get to start anew.. start over... start fresh.. own a new vibe and I love it!

"Out with the old, in with the new!"

As time passes we live a bit more and we learn. We mature. We experience more and take our lessons with us everywhere we go. We realize what parts of ourselves or instances we want to absolutely live time and time again, and we also learn what we would be better off leaving in the past. Maybe sure you feel the same?

As I look back at this last year only 1 word comes up hard and fast: bittersweet. And for those of you following me, you already know why. I won't go into the details here, but I will say that these 3 things I'll be sharing partly exist now because of the life I lived this past year.

As always, take whatever bits and pieces work for you, and leave the rest behind.

Here are 3 Things I'm Doing Different in 2023

  1. Progress Over Perfection I love my business and the women I work with. They say find something you love and if you'd be happy doing it for free then that is your calling. I'd like to think this is my calling. To help you go from point A to B and transform so vibrantly before my eyes is what lights me up so much. This past year, a lot of life happened! After getting married, I got pregnant, had my baby and became a mama! As I planned it, my business life quieted down and I prepared for my huge life event. Now that I've got a bit of a handle on mamahood, I'm ready to rekindle my passion and purpose projects once again and I'm committed to doing so intentionally. My energy is everything and making progress on all of my goals is so important for me but I've come to learn that instead of wasting so much time trying to make things perfect, I prefer to make things as human as possible because it matters. Mistakes are okay. The less time I focus on perfection, the more time I can dedicate to true work and the progress that really matters. Done beats perfect any day of the week!

  2. Prioritize Peace This one is real simple. If any one, place, person or thing is causing stress, anxiety, worry or unnecessary mental hardship in my life, I'm letting them go and creating distance. In the past, I would try my best and entertain their presence even after my energy had run dry, but nope. Ain't nobody got time for that. Especially this mama! I may love, care and want the very best for you, but also I value my peace, so I'm going to love you from afar. Consider who in your life might be depleting you of that feel good, positive, free-flowing energy and set clear boundaries that feel good to you and most important- stick to them! I know, easier said than done - but remember this is your one life to live and you've got to live it on your terms. If you continue to let others walk all over you and liter you with their drama and toxicity, who do you really have to blame except sadly - yourself? I'm giving you tough love here because it really is needed when it comes to protecting and prioritizing your peace! I mean seriously! Don't feel bad creating space and now speaking of space, here comes my next one:

  3. Make Space For Magic If you're someone who really knows me, you know I can't just do one thing... I'm guilty of constantly operating at a minimum of 3-4 projects at once. Why?? Well, part of this is because it excites me as a multi-passionate person, but truthfully speaking, as much fun as this all sounds, part of this can also exhaust me if I allow it to, especially as a new mama. I've realized that burnout is the real deal and I want nothing to do with it. No thank you! Whether or not you have children, consider what multitasking does in your life and how even though it may feel like you're speeding through things, are you being truly intentional? Are you producing your very best work this way? Are you rushing through things that might require more thoughtful attention, love and care? Once you've asked yourself those questions, consider how you can buffer in "open blocks" on your calendar. This means leaving open days or chunks of time where you essentially leave "space for magic to happen".

In the past working for several super successful CEO's, I realized that many of them asked for "free time" or "creative time" on their calendars which I managed as their Executive Assistant and I fully understand this now. As dedicated as you may be to your business or projects and life, remember that even a cell phone needs time off and requires to be replugged in and charged. This applies to you too! Rest, rest, rest.

When you work too hard, you run yourself ragged (trust me, I've been there) and you can't produce your best stuff if you've developed a cold, are overwhelmed with stress and going in circles. Even if your life is so jam-packed, consider waking up 30 minutes early to get fresh air, journal, take a bath, read a book or meditate. It could also literally be 30 minutes to watch a favorite tv show or call a friend. Each of these can make a massive difference in your life.

So that's it my beautiful friend! Is there one of these that can help you in your new 2023 version of yourself? I hope so. If so, let me know which one you will try out starting today! Day one or one day? Remember, only you get to choose!

With love,

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