6 Week Journey To Health 

Commit 6 weeks... to YOURSELF!


Out with the old... in with the new, and that includes YOU.


Ready to join an intimate, supportive and nurturing group of incredible women to work on yourself from the inside-out and feel amazing?!


Picture being lovingly guided on a special wellness journey towards true inner and outer health, helping you discover what it takes to start feeling better in your own skin, have more energy, freedom and confidence.


As your wellness coach, I provide both the tools AND accountability you need to achieve long-lasting change.


Keep reading to see if this might be 


... the most perfect place for you.

"This is exactly the kind of space I've been searching for!"  - Julia Mckinnie



This is for you if:


  • You're seeking a kind, nurturing and supportive community of women who truly GET YOU and have your back.

  • You want a loving kick in the booty to hold you accountable and make sure you do what you say you will!

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to start or what to eat because you're confused about all of the info out there.

  • You're so busy but want to learn how to create a healthy way of living that is balanced, inexpensive and simple!

  • You’re sick of being tired, stressed out and not feeling like yourself.

  • You have goals to: lose weight, build healthy habits, boost energy, reduce stress and FEEL better!

  • You’re looking to make a change, take charge of your health, and life and ready to commit to the true version of YOU: the vibrant, happy, feel-so-damn-good version you KNOW you deserve to be.


"I thank you for allowing myself to bring light, passion and creativity back into my spirit." - Hunter Rae


"I had no idea what to expect but it went above and beyond what I could've expected" - Tiffany McAllister


This is not for you if:

  • You're looking for a "quick fix"

  • You want a strict meal plan (sorry, I don't believe in diets!)

  • You want to lose lots of weight in an extreme manner.

  • You’re not ready to learn about health & wellness.

  • You aren't ready to face: the woman in the mirror.

  • You only want to work on the outside but not the inside.

  • You're unwilling to try new things and take action.


Interested in joining this intimate group?


Space is limited and doors close January 20th so ... don’t miss out!


Violet... tell me more! 

The full 6 weeks (actually 8) includes:

1)  Private and intimate Facebook Page for accountability and support

2)  Beautiful workbook to help align and guide us along

3)  Actionable assignments to work on and weekly Zoom check-in calls.

4)  Special wellness guests for fun and nurturing workouts after our calls

5)  Transcendental Meditation and Reiki led by me

6)  Celebratory call at the end with Certificates!


All detailed core topics will be covered during the kick-off call. Topics to include: inner health and wellbeing such as: mindset, motivation, meditation, accountability, as well as: nutrition, exercise, shopping, cooking and eating!


  • ​Sun, Jan 24, 10-10:45am PT   -  Kick-off Live Zoom Call + Welcome Group Activity

  • Sun, Jan 31, 10-11:45am PT     -  Live Zoom Call Lesson + Belly Dancing Workout

  • Sun, Feb 7, 10-11:30am PT     -  Live Zoom Call Lesson + Transcendental Meditation

  • Sat, Feb 13, 10-11:45am PT      -  Live Zoom Call Lesson + Yoga Workout

  • Sun, Feb 21, 10-11:00am PT   -  Live Zoom Call Lesson + Breath Work

  • Sun, Feb 28, 10-11:45am PT    - Live Zoom Call Lesson + Pilates Workout

  • Sun, March 7, 10-11:45am PT  - Live Zoom Call Lesson + Zumba Workout

  • Sun, March 14 , 10-11am PT  - Celebratory Call + Surprise Activity

FAQ: What if I can't join all the sessions? Don't worry! Once you're in the private FB group you'll receive all the information you need to get caught up and you'll never feel overwhelmed with "work to do". This is meant to be fun, healing, supportive and do-able! You can always email me if you have any questions or need extra support. 

Price: $111.11 

Note: Most 6+ week programs charge well over $1K but I wanted to make this super affordable. Also, I never turn anyone down due to lack of funds. If money is an issue, please let me know. Above all, the reason why I started Venture Love was to help women and that's what I intend to do.


How do I sign up?

1) Email me at violetlventures@gmail.com to join and include your: full name and instagram handle if you have one.

2) Submit payment no later than Jan 15th! Link to venmo below (@venturelove) Doors close Jan 20th. Don't miss out!


"Thank you for helping women do the work. It's so important and I appreciate you for it." 

- Nella Aguirre

smile steps.jpeg

"My goodness, that was beautiful, inspiring and healing."

Alicia Mason