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The only way to attract the abundance your heart desires is to become an energetic match for it. It is safe to believe and receive the gifts and guidance you have been given so you can manifest and create the life you know you are worthy of having. Invest in yourself by elevating and enhancing your energy so that you can dissolve the blocks standing in your way and flow with ease and clarity towards your hearts desire.










3 Day Energy Elevation Includes:

  • A 45 minute live guided experience followed by two days of support in fully embodying a higher energy frequency while simultaneously healing the mind that may not yet be aligned with believing it.

  • Energy Building Practices + Embodiment Tips

  • Anxiety Healing Tools & Practices

  • Learn how to self-validate & navigate repetitive toxic thoughts

  • Multiple Energy Clearing Techniques including:

    • Guided transcendental meditation to get you from erratic thoughts to the calmest, purest mental state possible

    • Reiki Energy healing to support you in protecting your energy

    • Relaxing and rejuvenating Soundbath healing

    • Breathwork techniques to help regulate your nervous system safely 

  • Access to assignments + calming tools to continue guiding you on your journey

  • BONUS: Voxer access to reach me during your follow up two day practices for accountability and extra support


Energy Elevation is perfect for you if... 

  • You desire to embody a renewed, refreshed mental and physical reset in your life.

  • You struggle with constant negative mental chatter and anxiety and desire effective tools & techniques to help you process your emotions & step into your divine power.

  • You want to see results now without going in circles or spending too much time, energy or thousands of dollars going to several different practitioners.

  • You want a variety of tools to try out and see what feels and works best for you 

  • You want to experience one of Violet's best offerings that others have absolutely loved.

Self Care Investment: $222 ($111 USD off

Once you've submitted your payment via the link below, email or DM me on IG @violet_ventures to book your Energy Elevation experience. I can't wait to help you feel so much better. 

Client Love

Before my Reiki & Sound Bath Session, I was feeling a lot of stress, back and neck pain. It was so great to do the breath work exercises with Violet because it forced me to be more aware of my breathing, which helped my mind become 100% clear. I was so relaxed I even drifted off a few times! I now feel really good and I'm so calm. Thank you so much, Violet! ~ Krystal Martinez

“When I reached out to Violet, I was suffering with a panic attack, was super anxious and felt way too blocked. After my Reiki & Sound Bath Session, I feel so much lighter and happier. I really loved her guided meditation and breath-work because she showed me how I could reconnect with myself. I loved it so much I 'll be coming back for monthly sessions. Thank you for making me feel so much better, Violet! ~ Ashley Oropeza

With Violet's guidance I was able to strengthen my meditation practice, release emotions that no longer serve me, making room for peace and clarity.  Her soothing voice and breath technique took me into a deep state of relaxation. If you’re looking to quiet your thoughts and ease stress or simply wanting to take your self care to the next level, I highly recommend her work! 
~ Adriana Arredondo

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